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There is a huge scam going around now, well has been for awhile, I want to make everyone aware of.  They have adds that use big name companies to make them look legit.  Some adds lead you to believe they are affiliated with ABC, AOL, and they will say as seen on ABC news.  Of course they use the google name and logo.  These are scams, stay away.  There is no such thing as Google Add Kits, they are not affiliated with google in any way.  They get you to sign up for a kit for $1.95, then before you know it, they place additional charges on your card, $81.00, $72.00, $49.99, all different amounts and prices.  When you call to cancel they aren’t there, or they tell you its too late, the minute you use your card your scammed.  If you already have, go to your bank asap and cancel your card and get a new one.  There is no such thing, please stay away from and warn others.

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