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I am sorry, I know I spoke about this in another post, but I went to the Chester County Justice Center, better known to me as the Chester County Courthouse ( still can’t get used to the new name) to help someone file an answer to a foreclosure notice they got, like I said in another post the employees, except the new, rude and lazy, and insensitive to the needs of the person there for help. 

If it was up to me or in my control that lady would be fired on the spot. She should not even be paid to be there. I hope we taxpayers aren’t paying her salary.  My daughter and many more people need jobs, if she is that unhappy in hers, she should give it up…..

First she acted like it killed her to get off her #**,  she waited until another clerk (who by the way was nice and helpful, she must be new)  couldn’t help us, the one young girl came up very pleasant and then said ” Im sorry I can not help you with that, you have to wait for someone from the front, then all of the sudden the lady sitting at the front desk got up like it killed her, I am not exaggerating, it took from the looks of her getting up and coming over like death was near.   I mean this woman was miserable.  This Chester County worker got up and trudged over like it was draining her life breath, she was miserable.  This poor woman I was helping didn’t ask her for her advice, she just asked for her to do her job and stamp her paperwork.  Is that to much to ask from these County employees????  I thought that was their job, correct me if Im wrong.

The Poor lady I was helpin didn’t ask her legal questions, she didn’t ask her anything, the miserable clerk while stamping her paperwork  just stood there complaining, not a thank you, can I help you, nothing.  No other words, miserable, lazy…….

I will be writing to whoever does the hiring and firing at the Courthouse no matter how far I have to go, because these miserable , lazy,people do not deserve to be paid just to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are many people that need jobs now, also I notice many people have applied online applications never to be called, are they giving these positions to miserable, lazy friends??? I have to wonder?

 Im sorry if she does this everyday for a living and knows  her job inside and out and thinks everyone else should, they don’t, get a clue.Get off your butt and smile and act like you know what your doing.  Someone is paying you here and it’s the taxpayers!!!  If you don’t like your job, quit, I know 100 people that need one. 

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