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Call it a tale of two murders: one involving an abortion doctor that captured days of media attention and another involving an Army recruiter that has barely registered a blip on most news radar screens.

The killing of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was fatally shot in his Kansas church Sunday morning, drew a flood of denunciations from President Obama along with liberal and conservative lawmakers and abortion rights groups and abortion foes. The murder occupied front pages and led news broadcasts for nearly three days.

Attorney General Eric Holder ordered the U.S. Marshals’ service to “increase security for a number of individuals and facilities” although officials provided no specifics.

By contrast, the murder of Army Pvt. William Long and the wounding of Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula outside a recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., has drawn relatively scant coverage despite the background of the suspected shooter: he was a convert to Islam who police say probably had “political and religious motives for the attack.”

Holder has not called for a security increase at Army recruiting centers around the country even though they along with military facilities have been targeted for attack numerous times over the last five years.

As of Wednesday, no statements have been released from Obama, Holder, White House officials, Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Obama introduced his nominee to be Army secretary Tuesday without mentioning the attack on army soldiers inside the U.S. No condemnation. No condolences to the family of Long.

Conservative media analyst Brent Bozell said the difference in responses comes down to politics.

“Politics dictated that they be outspoken on the murder of Dr. ‘Killer’ Tiller, but be silent on the murder” of Long, he said, explaining that a long-held double standard by the media renders the latter unremarkable.

Bozell said the double standard rears its head when an abortion foe is involved in a deplorable act, leading to censure of the anti-abortion movement.

“But when you have things such as the Unabomber killing people for environmental reasons, no one in the press ever went to anyone in the environmental community asking them if they needed to apologize or reflect on their words and their actions.”


Wednesday, June 03, 2009  Again right from Fox News

This is typical of Fox News, play on what they want.  The media has reported on all tragedy’s, if you feel the need to report more than do so.  You know  that the murder of this Doctor deserves National Attention.  Unlike the story your reporting on also needs National attention, but maybe if you wanted to be a good news and true news reporting agency, you would start with why this Army recruiter lost it?  And why for years the Bush Administration kept this kind of news hidden so now it’s become sad to say old news,  we should have been hearing this years ago Fox. Get with the times.  How many other horrible war stories are you missing?  Men and Women coming home with brain injuries, amputees, PTD, and that’s if they even come home.  That’s thanks to Good Ole George Bush and Cheney who profited off this war and the death of our young Men and Women to pay Haliburton which paid them in the end.  Get Real.

sent in by Brad email

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Hello –

As a Senior Advisor to the President, I’m here in Cairo, Egypt where I watched President Obama deliver an unprecedented speech calling for a new beginning for the United States and Muslim communities around the world.

We all know that there has been tension between the United States and some Muslim communities. But, as the President said this morning, if all sides face the sources of tension squarely and focus on mutual interests, we can find a new way forward.

The President outlined some big goals for this new beginning in his speech — including disrupting, dismantling, and defeating violent extremism. It was a historic speech, and since many Americans were asleep at the time it was given we wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it:

Majority-Muslim countries around the world are filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives and see their children live better lives, just as in America. Indeed, part of what makes America great is having nearly seven million Muslim Americans living here today and enriching our culture and communities.

We can extend that kind of relationship abroad. It won’t always be easy, but if we make an effort to bridge our differences rather than resigning ourselves to animosity, we can move toward a more peaceful world over time.

Thank you,
David Axelrod
Senior Advisor to the President
http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/NewBeginning/ click to see speech.

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Students David Rufful and Josh Riddle made a rap video that they say was intended to spread the views of the Young Conservatives, a group started by Rufful and Riddle with “a devout mission to spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism”

2 young punks, who are you imitating?? Our President doesn’t act like this or talk like this, and if your such Christian God Fearing Conservatives, you wouldn’t even be doing this video, Give me a break.  So again who are you imitating in this video???  Your so conservative, but your using it to benefit yourself, typical Republican…. Take anything good or bad and use it to benefit yourself because thats all you care about, yourself!!!  If you really cared about anything but yourself you wouldn’t be doing this video and you know it.

You praise the likes or comments of Miss Ca. ??? Are you kidding???  A fake make-up  *&^%  with a boob job???  Who conveniently doesn’t remember pictures or photo shoots being taken, or if the wind was blowing or if it wasn’t, I mean come on, are you guys for real???   I know the answer, just thought I would ask.  So conservatives would rather have a $%^&  with a nose and boob job talking about gay marriages, like her opinion matters?  I think you should send her back to Sunday School for a new christian lesson before you pat her on the back, or on her fake boobs,  Oh, and watch her make-up doesn’t crack while your talking to her.  You guys are right though, your the reason I am a Democrat, promoting all the hypocrites will do it every time.  Like duh, I drink beer, but I am going to bash drunks!!!!

How many of you college guys, and don’t let me do a study, which I am going to do, and see how against abortions you and your conservative rich stuck up families would pay to have it hidden to further your family or protect it from a scandal, like Newt, and most of the Republican Hypocrites. ???  George Bush did it.   

Oh I am sure you two guys along with your friends are all practicing safe sex, along with Bristol Palin and Miss Ca, your all so holier than though, cry me a river please!! You might have stupid people fooled, and that’s what you count on, but you will never fool me.

Pro Life my %^&  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you really wanted to get your message across, why the rap, again who are you imitating?? You do not have us fooled one bit, your hypocrites.

sent in by email.

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Vice President Biden is about to find out how well his boss can take a joke. 

The vice president razzed the commander-in-chief Wednesday while speaking at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony in Colorado, poking fun at President Obama’s known affinity for his Teleprompter. 

Biden made the crack about Obama’s crutch after a strong gust of wind blew over one of the vice president’s Teleprompters. Biden was talking about Colorado’s thin air at the time and when he heard the crash, he added, “and the strong winds.” 

Then he said: “What am I gonna tell the president when I tell him his Teleprompter is broken? What will he do then?” 

The crowd laughed at the joke made at the expense of the absent president, who was in Las Vegas at the time. 

Presumably, that line was not on the Teleprompter. 

Luckily for Biden, one Teleprompter was still standing and the mishap was toward the end of his remarks. He recovered and thanked the cadets for their service to their country. 

“As a nation, we only have one sacred obligation, only one, and that is to prepare those we ask to defend us and to care for those we send into harm’s way … because without you we would not survive,” he said. 

Biden has been on the receiving end of Teleprompter jokes, too. During economic stimulus remarks earlier this year, one of his former Senate colleagues, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, expressed his disappointment when the Teleprompter the vice president was using mysteriously vanished when Specter stepped to the microphone. 

“What’s happening to my Teleprompter, Joe? It’s disappearing before my eyes,” Specter said. 

But it’s not just his former Senate colleagues that are poking fun at him. Even the president’s own Teleprompter joked about the vice president’s gutsy problem.

A parody Web site called “Barack Obama’s Teleprompter” blogs about the Obama administration’s exploits from the point of view of the “Teleprompter of the United States.” 

“It wasn’t me,” the author says, adding not to worry because “we don’t bother giving Joe a real Teleprompter. It’s just two screens that plays ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons on a loop.”

White House officials say this is not connected to the Obama administration.

FOXNews.com    straight from

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

COME ON FOX, come up with something better than this.  This is so old and boring.  We all know Obama can speak to the people, the teleprompter was not developed or designed by him as you seem to have people believe.  George Bush if he used one couldn’t follow properly  , because one, he can’t read or speak English I believe,  and second can’t  follow directions.  Get a Life Fox!! 

Your pathetic!!!  And also with all the problems in the world is this what you focus on???????????????? Your Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sent in by email anonymous

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