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A public plan that would compete with private insurers is opposed by nearly all Republicans. Obama long has supported it, but he had avoided going into detail about his health goals, leaving the specifics to Congress and emphasizing hopes for a bipartisan bill.

Anyone remember RainMaker and a Civil Action, great movies regarding the corrupt and greed of private insurance companies, yet the Republicans are trying to protect them to line their pockets somewhere along the line.Who cares if they fail, they should fail, let them close up and go out of business. They are corrupt and greedy and will do anything to get your money, keep it, and not provide the services you pay for.

How many times do you have to hear about these companies rushing people out of the hospital who aren’t ready, who would give Doctors lavish gifts to try everything but perform in many times life saving surgery, and the many other horror stories.

 Again the greedy Republicans take healthcare the taxpayers pay for, but feel the poor shouldn’t have. Healthcare shouldn’t just be for the wealthy, they kill me, they really have no clue because they don’t have to pay for it, and should because they make enough.

Let them pay the corrupt private insurance companies, do away with taxpayer paid healthcare, then they won’t have to worry so much about their big wig buddies!!! Great Idea, I think it would work.

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