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Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s Outrage is A Little Late…

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First off who is this whack job of a woman? Leave it to Fox and Hannity, they can not get anyone with a brain or ounce of intelligence on for discussions, so they will search the bottom of the barrel for anyone that will make Obama look bad. I am sorry, there is no other word for this woman than a whack job.

First to blame President Obama for something Letterman said is just funny at the least, like where in your warped mind did this come from?

Second, there is no comparing Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin, sorry, but there is no comparison. Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton didn’t parade their kids out in the public view for campaign or any other purpose. Bill and Hillary Clinton kept Chelsey out of the public spotlight. Sarah Palin for the sake of a vote brings her pregnant unwed daughter and boyfriend out for campaign purposes, flaunts them hoping to get votes. Now Bristol Palin is on the news every other day talking about abstinence, I mean they love the attention. They got a taste of New York City and loved it, shopping, dining out, cameras, they will do anything to stay in the public eye. This is just another attention grabber for her and she will stoop to any level to stay in front of the camera. Even George Bush didn’t parade his daughters around, they just love to party and put themselves in the spotlight. Again, there is no comparison. The Palins love it, and thrive on it. Anyone that pushes her pregnant daughter into the spotlight, and out and out lies about a wedding and them living together doesn’t deserve one ounce of respect.

Second, please again, do not compare Michelle Obama to Cindy McCain. Cindy McCain was a drug addict who had a Doctor write illegal prescriptions for her, again, no comparison honey, Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain are both known liars, ones a drug addict and liar and both will lie for a vote. They can not be trusted.

Third, Obama didn’t use anyone to get his message across, he talked to the people and promised to try to help which he is doing, Rush, Cheney, Palin, they are using the media at any chance they can get, it’s a shame Fox and others give them the attention they need so bad. They should quit and let them go away, but wait, Fox news would die without these guys, they would fold also.

Fourth You better want some leadership on the right, you better get your racist, hypocrite, far right Republicans to quit preaching hate, racism, violence, lies, that Miss Cupp should be your worry!!!

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I’m sorry, but I have to post this, I saw this a few years ago, and with this Bruce Mapes post, and all these child custody issues coming up, I have got to speak out.  I on a couple of occasions saw a Chester County Family Master drinking with her children, that’s not the bad part, she and her husband, I will be honest, I assumed it was her husband, the kids called him Dad, so there I can not be sure, anyway they both drank and left driving with these 2 girls, daughters I presume, as they called her Mom, anyway they slugged down 3 of the tall mugs of beer at Rino’s in Exton while with these children.  

I have since found out the correct spelling of her name, its  Alita Rovito, apparently she was a District Attorney before taking on the Family Court Master duties.  She in my opinion should not be judging anyone in family court, she drinks and drives with her children.   I have seen it with my own eyes, this isn’t hearsay as the courts would say.  I and my Mother and Daughter saw her.  

Master ROVITO, how dare you make important decisions regarding the health and welfare of children when you and your husband or assumed husband (I will be honest as I always am, I do not know who he was, but the 2 girls I heard call him Dad, could be boyfriend or fiance) actually , you had him, after he finished his beers and paid the bill , walk them outside while you finished yours and relaxed. 

  Ask Patrick Carmody, they say one drink impairs…….you should be arrested for what you do, you drink and drive with your chidlren and think it’s okay because they are too young to tell you it’s wrong, but you as a Chester County Family Court Master should know better, shouldn’t you practice what you and the Courthouse preach?  You should resign.

You are not fit in my opinion to tell anyone, anywhere, how to take care of their children, you and your husband or whoever he is , drink and drive with yours.  I have three kids, 28, 27, and 24, and you know what, I never put on like I was a perfect parent like you think you are, or judge other parents that come before you,  but you know what, I would not, and never did drink and drive with my children, nor would I with my Grandchildren now.  Ever, ever, ever, there is no excuse, its wrong and you can not sugar coat it, just because you think your going out for a relaxing dinner that involves alcohol, and it’s not at a bar, its still wrong, it’s still drinking and driving, worse yet, drinking and driving with children, your placing them in danger, and they have no choice in the matter, they are trusting your judgement which is obviously wrong, very wrong,  What kind of judgement are you using here??? 

What does this tell me? 

 It tells me first off, You are a Family Court Master who is making very important decisions about Children and Families, and in my eyes, you should be booted out right now, you drink and drive with your children and /or allow someone else who is drinking to drive your precious cargo.   Just because you go to a restaurant or deli with your kids to eat, but you both drink, it makes you no better than the drunk Man or Woman who appear in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas or the Chester County Family Court before you, for Dui while drinking with their children, your no better, yet you and and your DA friends like Carmody would throw the book at them  or try to screw with their kids, for the same thing you do, what a hypocrite!

  You might think you have a little more class or taste because instead of being at a bar, your at a restaurant, but your still drinking, and your still driving with your kids…………………and it is still wrong, one drink impairs and you should know better.  And you get away with it and you know it, and that makes you worse, and a hypocrite!

Secondly, you work at the Court House in Chester County, which is very biased in their cases and sentencing anyway, but you should know, or maybe go to the Dui classes they push on everyone else and see how even one beer impairs you, that’s what they say, and I believe it, one beer can impair.  So you and your husband or boyfriend or fiance  and 2 kids sitting at Rino’s in Exton drinking 2 or 3 of the large mugs of beer (that is only what I saw, I do not know how many you had before I got there) both impaired as one drink impairs, this is what the Courts and Dui Classes teach everyone, leave and drive these two young girls home or somewhere, guess what, your drinking and driving, and drinking and driving with kids, and unfit! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be going through Parent counseling and classes because obviously you think it’s okay to drink and drive with your children, and until you complete them, maybe you should call CYS and have them put your children in placement………………because your in my opinion, unfit.

And third, Please Master Rovito, I would hope you would resign from being a Family Court Master, because you are the worst example of a parent there is, you drink and drive with your kids,  that is pathetic and you should be taken off of any Family Court case their is, In my opinion I do not feel you should be making the decisions your making, because you lack the Proper Parenting skills yourself. You should sentence yourself to parenting classes, because you need them.  Anyone that thinks they are above the law and can down drinks with their kids, or anyones kids , needs parenting classes, and you need to do them……………Now

 Your children have no choice in the matter, if impairment starts at one drink and you and your husband or whoever he was with you have the minimum 2 or 3,  your at impairment level and driving with your children, that is wrong and many parents in Chester County are arrested for this same scenario!  They have no choice in the matter, they know no better, they count on their parents for guidance.  Basically your telling your children its okay to drink and drive , what kind of example are you teaching here?   Obviously the law only applies to a few in Chester County when it comes  to drunk driving, or driving with your kids while intoxicated..  You know what Rovito, maybe all the other parents who are arrested for DUI thought they were okay to, maybe they thought when the cops pulled them over they were okay,  they just didn’t get away with it like you do!

Tina Chester County


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