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Chester County Rants just wants to give a Rave to Longhorn Steakhouse in Exton Chester County.  It’s not so much the food, but the customer service.  We were there again the other night for dinner and Andrea the bartender there took care of us, she was great.  We go there alot for that reason, from the bartenders, to managers, to waitstaff, they are number one as far as customer service goes.!!!!

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I am really upset with the media over this Letterman, Palin, Michelle Obama , and Obamas children, and this deliverance backwoods racist Rusty DeParr issue. I mean what is it?   Why is it that the media is giving so much attention to this stupid pathetic made up issue by Sarah Palin to get her face in the camera?   Rusty Depass is calling Michelle Obama and her family and ancestors names,  and no one seems to be bothered by this. I hate the media for this. Not only this, you have Rush, and all these other (don’t know how to say it nice, whack jobs) talking about how what Letterman said , is fair game for Obamas daughters, why are these  people bringing Obama and/or his daughters into this, Obama isn’t Letterman, President Obama didnt’t say this people,  David Letterman did.  Why bring his daughters into this, Obama and his daughters didn’t say this . 

What is it that whatever anyone does today it’s Obama’s fault, I had a lousy frigging day, I guess I should blame Obama, Get real people.

You guys really should be ashamed you would give more coverage to Sarah Palin who flaunts her daughter around for publicity purposes than to Michelle Obama who is intelligent, classy, and beautiful and our First Lady and really cares about the people, even the white poor racist people that hate her, I mean really, she brings such a refreshing change to the White House. The top of her class and so pretty too. Rusty, I think your mad because somebody with the class and looks of Michelle Obama wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole, sound childish, so do you.

You guys really should be ashamed you would give more coverage to Sarah Palin , which I am sure will have a new one every week, while ignoring the ignorance and racism that these white Republicans do in the open.  It’s, pathetic and shameless and another way to hope to keep the black man and poor white man down, these racist have got to go……



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