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Channel 6 News in Philadelphia and the entire area are mourning the loss of Action News Sports Director Gary Papa, who passed away Friday, June 19, 2009.

Gary was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1954. Upstate New York would be his home for most of the next 27 years.

Gary went to Cornell University as an undergraduate, and actually considered a career as an attorney. He even earned his law degree at the University of Buffalo Law School.

But that’s when the combination of sports and broadcasting got its hold on Gary. He went into television in Buffalo, and in Steubenville, Ohio.

In April 1981, Gary Papa came to Action News and the Delaware Valley. Gary’s first report was from Milwaukee, where the Sixers were playing the Bucks in the NBA playoffs.

Gary announced on-air in 2004 that he was battling prostate cancer, he knew he was sharing a private ordeal with people who cared, and he received an outpouring of emotion and support throughout his fight.

And for Gary it was a powerful fight. In fact, for much of that fight he was on top, but three years later, he broke the news to all of us, that he was again undergoing chemotherapy.

Chester County Rants sends out its Prayers for Gary, his Family, and his Channel 6 Action News Family

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 I mean really people, you do need to take a chill pill. You are asking so much of Obama in only 5 months. This poor man has been on the news about everything he is doing and criticized for it. I don’t think this man can go to the bathroom in the morning without a Republican out there to complain about it.  I mean come on.  We didn’t get where we are in 5 months, and it’s not even feasible to think we could be completely out of it in 5 months. I mean really, what are you thinking ?

Obama has done so much since elected, Please come back and see that in another post, as I am not doing that now, in the future I will post all his accomplishments. Obama’s problem is that he is trying so hard to help the middle class and poor while working with the Republicans. That if anything is his mistake, they are out to get him, they have done everything possible to delay, and belittle and chastise him since he was elected. I can see that, the Republicans are a bunch of greedy, out for themselves, Christian Imposter’s that pray (excuse the pun) on Obama. But I would expect more from the American people.

I mean really, where do you think you would be now if McCain was elected? The cuts do not come or show that quick. At least now the middle class and working poor have a chance. I mean really, is that the mindset that the American People have come to, to listen to the Republicans who are spending more time on TV now fighting Obama in 5 months then they have in 8 years, People, wake up.  Your following the Republican cult by listening to this smear everyday.  GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE, ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS………….

You might have think Obama has been President for 10 years from what I am hearing on the news, I mean the man kills a fly and it makes headlines for the animal abuse people, I mean really, the American People can’t be this dumb………. or can they???

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On June 16, 2009, Sen. Ensign admitted to an affair with a former campaign staffer, Cynthia Hampton, who was also the wife of Ensign’s administrative assistant in his Washington, DC office, Douglas Hampton. Ensign acknowledged that the affair occurred between December 2007 and August 2008

I want to say that I think Senator Ensign had a reason to have this affair, he had a reason to lie to his wife and the American Public, it was Obama’s fault. Like everything else the Republicans blame Obama for, this was definately President Obama’s fault. Yes, I can see, President Obama made him do it.

Ensign’s political life was entwined with his religious beliefs. Once in Washington, he lived for a time with other Christian lawmakers who organized prayer breakfasts and Bible study. When in Las Vegas, he continued to attend an Evangelical church in Las Vegas with his wife, Darlene, who did not move to Washington with him. A devout member and preacher of the Christian Coalition.

Can someone please tell me, or at least tell the Republican Party what Christian means, because they really have me confused!!!

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