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JOHN DUFFY DID YOU TRADE BYRNE FOR BRANDON, IS MONEY ALL THAT MATTERS TO YOU?  Was Brynes family paying you more than ours?? That must have been the case, you got a man off with 2 Life Sentences who exhausted all his appeals, can you tell me how this happened?? That you should get an award for.

Byrne, 38, a former hotel security officer, was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison after agreeing to a plea in connection with the 1991 murder of his wife, attorney Leona Caramanica.

Caramanica was found strangled in her East Goshen apartment. Byrne was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison twice, and twice had the result thrown out on appeal.

It’s just so funny how Carmody and John Duffy got this deal approved after this man exhausted all his appeals, yet put my nephew away for life, at the same time, they worked out some kind of good deal.  John Duffy of West Chester and Patrick Carmody, you made a deal here, this Byrne exhausted all his appeals, yet you got him out and gave my nephew life, it was a trade.  You took his Grandmothers hard earned money and life savings, you and Donatoni,  knowing you were trading her Grandson for a deal, your a crook in my opinion after what you did to her for money, and you need to do the right thing.  You traded Brandon for Byrne,  The DAs and the Judges at the Chester County Courthouse seem to think they have everyone fooled, or everyone is stupid, no we were not, your just in the position to do what you do.  Judge Riley, you went right along with this deal and you know your wrong. You, Donatoni, Duffy, Carmody. and even little miss Rovito while screwing the poor kids who needed the correct help after, who had to deal with this nightmare, the Chester County Master who drinks and drives with her kids, I hope you can all sleep at night.  That’s my honest, first hand opinion. After living through it and seeing it.  We will talk in another post about high profile cases, and why some are and some aren’t and they do not matter to the DA and Court System. 

Christina Marie Chester County

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Please see other post, as the name was not correct, do a search in my site under Family Court Master, the correct spelling of the name of the Family Court Master who drinks and drives with her children is Alita Rovito.  She and her husband were seen downing beers and leaving with their kids at a restaurant in Exton, shouldn’t she know better???? After all this is a Family Court Master who makes very important decisions everyday regarding the welfare of children, yet takes her own kids out for dinner and both her and her husband down a few, if not many beers and drive with their kids………….. It’s Alita Rovito Chester County Family Master Chester County Court Pa

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President Obama, I just want to put this out there for you, I am sure you know already. The Good Ole White Rich Greedy Republicans are out for you, you know it, I know it. They are no good, they want to keep the greedy white rich corrupt people at the top, you scare them, you are a threat to them, which is good news, because we already know that.. The Greedy, White, Rich, Corrupt, Bigot, Racist, GOP isn’t just for the white, they are for the Rich White, they make me sick… I voted for you, I am white, but hate this GOP Hate Group that has been running our Country. I voted for you for change. Stick with you goals, don’t let these bigots bring you down or change your views. You scare them, you are hitting them in their pockets where they need to be hit, and they don’t like it. They hate you Obama because you bring change to the middle class and working poor. Please, don’t give in to the Republicans, Stay Strong, thats why we voted for you. They want to run you out and down, Please stay strong and be yourself, and ignore these racist bigots who claim to be Christians and help the American People like you said. The Republicans are angry because your being honest threatens their corrupt ways and how they get away with it. You scare them and you should…..You scare them, you are hitting them where it hurts, their pockets, they know they can not get away with fraudulent payments, diverted payments and big payments from their huge contributors like Insurance and Oil Companies like they were under Bush, you are a threat to the Greedy, White, Corrupt, Administration.  Keep with it Obama, just like the rising in Iran, it may be a little extreme, but thats what it was coming to here, believe it or not.  People can only be down and poor for so long, while the corrupt Republicans get richer…..

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