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A courtroom full of lies, even with evidence (pictures of bruises) and three witnesses who saw the same thing.

This perpetrator was allowed , while on house arrest for another PFA violation, to verbally and  mentally abuse his daughter for over an hour. Eventually it escalated to physical abuse that left bruises on her arm for over a week.And he told the Judge he tapped her on the shoulder.
This Judge scolded the victim’s mother for bringing her to court even though it was at the DA’s request that she be there to testify. Sarcione also made the comment that “This man’s liberty is at stake”. Well Judge .. This little girl’s life is at stake.
A perpetrator was allowed to flat out lie in court to the Judge’s face in front of his 12 year old victim and the witnesses who saw the ordeal.
He was allowed to plea guilty to “spare the victim” of testifying. But that was only because he was afraid to go to jail. And so he only got a few more months probation. This is after he violated the PFA order twice in the past 2 months.
After which  the judge took the 12 year old victim and spoke to her one-on-one.  In which Sarcione said to her that she needs to give him another chance, to which she replied ,”I have given him 6 years worth of chances”. She has seen him punch her mother in the face (this same judge gave him a $10 (ten dollar) fine for that). He has seen this perpetrator pinch her mom’s breast and make sexual comments to her. In August 2008, she had to be picked up from his house without his consent because she was made to stay in her room while he hosted a sex party. She also told the Judge that her father lied to him, he replied “Oh that’s bad”. Yet did nothing about it but extend his probation.
She left the courthouse feeling defeated and not listened to. I feel that the Judge in this case has sent mixed messages to the victim that it is “OK” to lie, this is NOT the type of message that a judge should be sending. 
This little girl will have scars on her forever for what her father did to her, and now that the judge has said it was, “OK” and “…. he just has a bad temper.” She now understands that the Courts do not work for the rights of the law abiding citizens, victims or children. They are designed to keep the wrongly accused from going to jail, and in turn leave many dangerous people to walk the streets.
This perpetrator has stated over and over again that he is going to kill his victim’s mother, the mother of his child. So what needs to happen for a real sentence to be handed down? If he kills, then what? More probation or house arrest? Why do we need to wait until the violence escalates to severe injury or death?
The public should be outraged by this. 
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