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Coatesville’s  falling can be blamed on a lot of things, it can be blamed on Lukens Steel Plant closing, it can be blamed on anything else, the City of Coatesville wants to blame it on, but the real fact Coatesville City is so bad in my opinion is because of the City Council and others who are running the City have no clue how to run it. 

They are not in focus on the right ideas, the right thing.  I can not say what the perfect plan is, but I know a plan, you need to spend money on safety there first, that may be your one goal and only goal, but it will pay off so well in the end.  Where is the money in Coatesville going ?  It should be to pay the Police and keep the streets clean.

You do not see people in West Chester or Downingtown loitering, they are maybe at a outside Restaurant in West Chester, or walking in Downingtown, if they are not eating or walking, they are not just hanging out on the corner.

Coatesville, this is what you need to do, no one else allows loitering, why do you?  Why do you allow groups of 20 people to hang out on one corner??? Why???   They aren’t eating at a restaurant on the corner, they aren’t shopping, they are hanging out,  Bad News, Everytime.  Anytime you have a group of people just hanging out, loitering on a corner it’s bad news, make a law for this and enforce it, every other town does, you City Council are helping Coatesville go to the wasteland, what are you waiting for.  No one will want to put a business in Coatesville , knowing no one will shop or stop there because they are scared.  I mean really, will you go shop at a store where there are maybe 20 people hanging out in front of, no, hell no, Coatesville, get it together.  Do not blame the Police or anyone else, they are doing everything they can.  You need to get your &*^% together and bring Coatesville back.  If I was there, I would, If I could set the laws, I would, there would be no loitering….. Hang out somewhere else, and if they don’t listen, make it tough….. Enough fines, jail time, etc, they will get the picture. Fine the parents too for the young ones, the young ones should not be out, and there parents should know better, and if not, hey, they have to deal with the other problems that may arise from this, if they can’t take care of the kids they have, then hey, send them to the Courts like many of these posts are about, maybe these parents will think twice about letting there young ones hang out on the streets.

  NO there is no answer, but Coatesville, you need to start somewhere.

Coatesville get with the loitering laws, keep chasing them away…..  Don’t let it be to late, change the whole City Council if you have to, it can be done….

There are many people who are living in Coatesville City and have been for years and love it, and have nice homes, why should they leave because of the thugs?? City Council Get It Together….. You get enough tax dollars to do it, your full of it. 

Invest in more police, enforce the loitering law, than more people will build business’s there, and more people will shop there, which in turn will bring Coatesville Back. 

It starts one step at a time, you can not have a store put a business there when they know no one will ever come in because they are scared too, get with it City Council, you can not be that blind………………

First Off, you have to try to at least make the streets a little safe, forget the trees, and planters, it’s a waste of money.  No one is going to come to Coatesville or shop there if they are scared, if you can not clean up the streets no one is coming there, not a business to rent a building, or people to shop, so your main concern should be cleaning up the streets.  So forget all the other money your spending on other programs, if your streets are not safe, or at least look safe, no business is coming there, period.

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I have to say one thing here regarding Dr. Mapes, Cys, the whole Court System. 

Do not get me wrong here, this is for the Good Judges, The Caring Judges, which ever may be out there.  This is why this system and these test are so bad, because they are just frigging test, they are not real life, you can not go by a test to see how a child is really doing, they need to do away with this, this is just a way for people like Mapes to make money. 

On the other hand, Now here I am talking about Good honest Judges, and they are hard to come by,  not ones that do not care, or are just siding with ones who they know ,or who pays them the most, or who is using their Attorney friend, I am talking about a Really Good Honest Judge, which I am starting to wonder if there are any out there. 

Anyway, The Judge will not always know, and for every PFA that is out there, there are many false ones, what does this leave the Judge to do?  If that Judge sends a child or Mother, or Husband, out there and does not grant the PFA, and someone gets hurt, what does that Judge do?  They hold themselves responsible, and so will everyone else, so it’s almost like they have to grant it, because you can not tell from a 20 minute hearing if someone is abused or not unless there is clear and convincing evidence.

 That’s why in most cases the Judge will grant it, because if they do not, the abuser could kill and the Judge is held accountable. 

The problem with PFAs, is that the people filing them could be doing it for the wrong reason.  If you are not abused, you should never, ever, file this, many women and men file for the wrong reason and the Judge has no way to know this, they have to believe what they hear.  I have to side with the Judges here, people, do not file a PFA unless needed. Do not play games with the Court for this kind of order.  This is where Dr. Mapes, and CYS and Systems like this come into place, because the Court is not going to take the blame here, nor should they.  Do Not File A Phony PFA, it screws everyone.  Don’t file one today then go and  talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend tomorrow, this is serious stuff, and should only be for abused people. Don’t Do It, Unless Your Abused or God Forbid Your Children. 

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I want to write in about Judge Anthony Sarcione, but the time I am talking about is when Judge Anthony Sarcione was a District Attorney.  My Father was killed in a hit and run accident in 1998.  The guy that hit and killed him took off, hid his car, and finally friends of his turned him in. DA Sarcione didn’t seem bothered by this, my family went and talked to him.  He told us quote ” You know, young guy going fast, I wouldn’t be that upset with him.” 

Well you know, we were very upset, not so much at the guy that killed our Father, but that he didn’t care, and apparently he was known for running stop signs and red lights and was ready to lose his insurance before he killed our Father.  We are not mean people, we felt bad for the entire situation, we didn’t want to hang this young kid.  That was before we found out he was at the State Police Barracks the next day after killing our Father trying to get his stereo speakers out of the car as one State Police Trooper told us. 

 That’s not my gripe, what happened, happened.  Again, read my earlier post about mandatory sentencing in Pa.  Leaving the scene of an accident, hit and run fatality is supposed to be a automatic year, this guy was out from what I hear in 6 months if that.  That’s all fine and well, but why do the Judges in the Chester County Courthouse only hold some to these rules and guidelines? 

To make a long story short, I wonder if Sarcione would have thought ” Oh, you know young guy going fast, no big deal.” if it was his wife or daughters that were killed in a hit and run accident and the guy left the scene ??????????????????????

The Chester County Court System has a profile I feel in my opinion of who matters, and who doesn’t, and obviously, My Father Didn’t.

Also just wanted to add, my Father was hit in a terrible hit and run accident and left dying, yet the police, and Daily Local News and everyone else kept it out of the paper.  We had people calling us asking if this was really true as they saw the obituary in the paper.  Apparently, can not swear by it, but the kid that killed my Father was the Grandson of a well known Police Officer in the area, so it was hidden, hell there was little DUI’s making the news, but a man hit and killed and left on the road to die, didn’t make the news.  Yeah, Right,  this little brat kid got off because of who he knew.  The Police, the Daily Local News, everyone hid it.  We had to call the Daily Local News to print it so everyone would quit calling us.

Yeah, the frigging Court System is a joke, and it’s who you know, and it’s if you matter, and if your considered high profile, other than that, forget it, you can get murdered on the side of the road, if your not high profile, forget it………………..

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