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Chester County Rants is announcing its newest site, Chester County Rant better known as www.chestercountyrant.com

Chester County Rants is Chester County Ranting and Raving about everything from local news, celebrity, world news, and politics.

www.chestercountyrant.com is only about Chester County, and only for Rants, no raving here. Check it Out.

Go to chestercountyrants.com and submit your rant today.

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For everyone who has been writing in and reading about about Bruce Mapes and CYS click on the link below, excellent blog by one woman who fought the Chester County Children and Youth. Excellent reading, true story, it also chronicles Brandons life , or what life he was left with after placement.  This woman called CYS for help, and read what she got.  A true nightmare regarding the Chester County Children and Youth and Chester County Family Court.  Click below to read blog. Great reading, great articles, pics. All true and can be proven.  Man I love Freedom of Speech and the Internet.


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Judge Riley, Just wanted to ask you how it feels to have the power you have???  How does it feel to sentence someone to life???  Just wondering………………I mean giving them life when you know he didn’t deserve it, or if he did, you know in your heart he was not given a fair trial, and you are supposed to be the one that oversees that, your the Judge.  Your supposed to be fair and neutral in all trials.  yeah, just always wanted to ask you that???????????????


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