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In my honest opinion, which I am allowed to have, and Free Speech which is allowed by all, I have to wonder if a few Public Defenders and a Certain Judge are against Men. They seem to be discriminating against Mens Rights and Assuming the Women, even though they may be drug addicts, bad mothers, and worse, are always right. Is this a pattern in the Court  of Common Pleas ??? We would love to hear from others who have any opinion on this matter, because from what I have just seen, and in my opinion,  Men are not liked by these Women…Will find out the Public Defenders names, but man, in my Opinion, if your a Man, your Screwed Big Time.  Off to research, oh and Let’s Make a Deal….

Judge Streitel in my opinion seems to be very biased too, she doesn’t listen , but forms an opinion very quick, and for the women….OH, and before a Judge makes a decision, shouldn’t she or he hear both sides, LOL, what a circus this Chester County Court is……..No Fair Shake Here, Forget it…..Plead Guilty Now Guys !!!! Men Bashing 101, what ????????

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, will definately be updating this, and researching….Remember, no one is above the law, even though some think they are…..More to come….Definately alot more to come…check back….

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