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I am sitting here watching the Michael Jacksons Memorial with tears.  It’s a beautiful send off, emotional, beautiful music, stories.  The one thing I notice and always did that no one mentions is Michaels beautiful smile and pretty eyes.  He could dance and sing like no one ever did in my lifetime.  He is just so smooth, and he knew how to put on a show, but when you see some of the real clips of him and he breaks that big smile, that’s when you see the real person.  There will be no other like Michael Jackson, and I am glad he is at peace and not suffering now.  I pray for you Michael….

The memorial service was so touching, you felt like you were there.  Another thing, I saw a Family, a close knit family, not pictures of them in a magazine, you got to see the real Jackson Family and how they suffer and hurt like everyone else, and how close knit they really are.  You got to see them outside of the medias eyes.  I also after seeing the service feel the children are where they should be, plenty of love, and family.

A truly touching real service….

My prayers go out to you Michael and your entire family.

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Michael Jackson has been reportedly rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles and was not breathing  , His Family in Las Vegas reports he may have had a heart attack. 

We now hear he may be in a coma.  We are praying for Michael Jackson. Today approx. 5.30 Eastern Time we heard this June 25 2009

Update, Chester County Rants is so upset to hear that Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. Whether you were a fan or not, no one can take away his music and dance.  He was the best, when he danced to Billie Jean you got goosebumps.  Michael we are so sad and our prayers go out to you and your family, and we know you will make great music in heaven.

This is a very sad day, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both pass away. Very sad.

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