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Congressman Joe Pitts Member Christian Mafia C Street

Congressman Joe Pitts Member Christian Mafia C Street


Joe Pitts Republican Congressman Pa

Below is right from Joe Pitts website, he chooses to side with the extreme right wing lies and fear that are hurting the hope for real healthcare reform. These are out and out lies Mr. Pitts

There is no doubt about it, we need healthcare reform in the United States.  But we need the right kind of reform.  Plans being put forward by Democrats in Congress would put government bureaucrats in between you and your doctor.  These plans would be massively expensive, requiring tax increases, adding to the deficit, or both. What we cannot have is a bureaucrat-run system imposed by politicians in Washington that takes away your power to decide healthcare treatment and denies you the treatments you need, when you need them.

 In countries where the government runs a single, one-size-fits all system, people often wait weeks or even months for tests when they are sick.  Then they wait weeks or months more for treatment.  In these countries, politicians and bureaucrats decide if you’ll get the procedure you need, or if you are disqualified because the treatment is too expensive or because you are too old.  This is rationed healthcare.  The very sad case of actress Natasha Richardson is a tragic example of someone who did not receive the treatment she could have because of the government-run health system in Canada.  This is unacceptable.

 No Congressman Pitts, you are unacceptable and so are the lies you are spreading. Your right wing extreme views are unacceptable. First off, you know there will be no rationed care, this is not in the plan the Democrats are proposing, you and your right wing crazies keep spreading these lies and spreading fear, the plan would not deny people treatment regardless of age or condition, another lie Mr. Pitts.  Maybe your confused, I think you’re talking about the private health care insurance companies we have now. Let me tell you how many people I know who have waited months to see a specialist after a referral from their Doctor, than many more months waiting for surgery, you have got to be kidding Mr. Pitts. How many parents with very ill children who need care throughout their life are capped off by the time the child reaches 8 yrs old, if that is not rationed care, or denial of treatment I do not know what is ?  Cherry picking the healthiest, looking for reasons to drop you, deny coverage, raise premiums, while they turn a huge profit.  Mr. Pitts, you have it backwards, your talking about the private insurance companies in the United States, the crooks that get paid for a service many do not perform, not only should they be shut down the ones that practice this daily, they should be in jail with every other criminal.

Then to be so pathetic as to use the death of Natasha Richardson after a tragic fall and head injury to justify your claim about Canada’s health care system is just typical of the Republican tactics and what lies they will spread to win at any and all cost. Natasha Richardson refused treatment, she was very wealthy, her family could have flown her anywhere if it was a case of waiting, Mr. Pitts not to mention this is right from a Republican Extreme Hate Site you obviously follow.  You Mr. Pitts should be ashamed, you and the rest of the Republican party.

It amazes me how the Republicans put these guys out like they are saints and we should all worry about them, they are not small business, they are crooks. It is beyond me why the Republicans want to protect crooks such as Stephen Hemsley CEO of United Health Care who is paid $107,000 per hour to deny claims, and let people die, these are facts Mr. Pitts, not made up fear propaganda you and the likes of the other extreme Republican party members and Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox news and the other hate groups.  You are supposed to be working for the people who elected you, not spreading fear and lies which will benefit the pockets of the corrupt GOP presently in office, who are now in fear of losing huge contributions and kickbacks. I also see the Republican party doesn’t want to give up their health care which is a public option, that we the taxpayers pay for, enough is enough Mr. Pitts, clean up your act and your website.  Quit spreading lies, while your at it, talk the rest of the Gop Crooks to give up their health care public option we pay for,  if it is not good enough for the Republican party and the people in the United States, you should give up at once, find your own, pay for it, no help from the taxpayers.


Let’s not forget Congressman Joe Pitts is a member of C Street who believe they are the chosen ones, it’s okay to lie, steal, cheat, have affairs, rape little girls, as their founder teaches, they are chosen and it’s okay!!!  Disturbing!!!


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chestercountyrants recieved this comment today on one of our posts. We felt the need to Post this comment as the message should be seen and it deserves it’s own post.

Lara Logan // August 7, 2009 at 11:24 am | Reply (edit)

Reading Jeff Sharlet’s “The Family” 15 pages in and my gut is churning. White privledged MEN!! and rhetoric of the likes that I have never heard. Although I would suspect in the back part of my rational mind that these goings on could not happen in America, but they are. What would this information do if the Phila Papers published it front page. I looked up Joe Pitts as low and behold 15 pages into Sharlets book a member in my BLUE back yard. Funny 15 pages in and no women to speak of, sorry BOYZZ sounds so homoerotic as to be the biggest cliche I ever heard. Prayer meetings in the Pentagon and in Congress. Republicans are crying in their free market pants yet here is the biggest contradiction to OUR constitution Remember separation of Church and State?? Oh yeah right The Family aren’t Chritians their “followers of Jesus”. Believe me that I will make it known in my little circle of people to read Sharlet’s book and check in their state where government representatives likely democrats who possess so little strength and critical thinking capability that they think constiuents will not remember this topic or balance it against the BIGGER issues of health care and Money money money! Where is there a single voice to rise up and speak out against and these insidious elitists really they are no better than the 911 hijackers, PLEASE read Sharlets book ato really understand how my previous statement holds so much credence. I know if I were reading this blog that I would be wary of that statement. But this is how truly scary this information is about The Family and it’s inroads into our government and use of religious rhetoric. If half of the people who voted on So THink You Can Dance would show an interest in exposing this information and calling to account it’s elected officials we could call this country America and lay claim to it’s democratic heritage. The Family is not a democracy after all by it’s own admission. Please show me the school on the priveledged MainLine Baldwin Academy etc that will bring this discussion to it’s young civics , history and political curriculums.

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