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So here is the question folks, we have parents that have posted comments here and several that left messages on the MOE hot-line. What are we going to do about Dr. Bruce E. Mapes?

He has not responded to any of these facts, he continues to do his verison of a “child custody evaluation” albeit incompleted and of questionable valuet to the courts. Families continuing to get hurt by his lack of objective practices.

I wrote the President Judge of Chester County Court of Common Pleas (Judge Ott) outlining my concerns about the continued use of the evaluator and my request for a judicial review of Dr. Bruce E. Mapes. In October 2008, I received a telephone call Judge Ott’s legal clerk. She indicated that my letter was being taken seriously.

Any parent that has experienced first hand a Mapes evaluation and been subject to the truth being twisted should DEMAND his removal and should DEMAND that their money be returned. We did not get way we paid for!

A MORNING protest of Dr. Mapes office (60 Boot Road, West Chester, PA) may help bring some free advertising to Dr. Mapes and this cause. If you want this guy to stop his unfair evaluation practice we need to organize.

We could assemble at WAWA and walk up to his office. Someone suggest a DATE AND TIME.

Very concerned parents in Chester County would like an answer Dr. Bruce Mapes.

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