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What do Congressman Joe Pitts and the West Chester Republican school board candidates have in common? They are connected to religious right groups that are more concerned with turning this country into a theocracy and promoting hate. In previous posts we have documented Joe Pitt’s right wing connections to C Street and Sean Carpenter’s connections to Chester County Action. Both groups are designed to promote right wing hate by promoting candidates that are solely pro-life, pro-Christian, pro-Intelligent Design, and anti-gay. So it makes perfect sense that Congressman Joe Pitt’s endorsed Heidi Adsett, Sean Carpenter, Maria Pimley, and John Wingerter for school board.
We know that the four Republican candidates were coached by the Gwenne Alexander, the Executive Director of Chester County Action. “All four candidates were recruited and coached by Gwenne and her group, and it is only with her group’s guidance that we succeeded.  We have a tremendous partner in Chester County Action”, wrote Sean Carpenter. Gwenne Alexander is also the on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS). This cyber charter school is run by a right wing minister Jim Hanak and Chief Academic Advisor John Wingerter. This school receives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in taxpayer money every year. If Wingerter is elected he will truly present a conflict of interest.
Gwenne Alexander, Jim Hanak, Heidi Adsett, Sean Carpenter, Maria Pimley, and John Wingerter are right wing extremists that want to destroy our public school system. Chester County Action, PALCS, and C Street are known as the Christian Mafia set out to incorporate their values in your childrens classroom. Let’s not forget Congressman Joe Pitts is a member of C Street who believe they are the chosen ones, it’s okay to lie, steal, cheat, have affairs, rape little girls, as their founder teaches, they are chosen and it’s okay!!!  Disturbing!!!

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An interview with a man who went undercover into the heart of a major power mad “christian” religious sect frequented by religious conservatives for 70 years. True and Scary The Christian Conservatives believe they are the chosen, Disturbing, Bizzare
I can not believe these are the people that call themselves Christians.

“International Foundation” is one of the names used by The Family according to Jeff Sharlet. International Foundation sponsored a $7,940. trip to Belarus taken by Rep. Joseph Pitts in 2004. This information, as well as other congressional trips sponsored by the International Foundation can be found at www.legistorm.com

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Bush had reason to be thankful to the Christian fundamentalists. They helped his son, George W. Bush, avoid a certain court martial and prison time. On or about April 18, 1972, the Houston Police arrested First Lieutenant George W. Bush of the Texas Air National Guard for possession of cocaine. Bush and a friend were booked into the Harris County jail. Bush’s father, who was serving as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, hurriedly flew to Houston from New York and began to make the required phone calls to keep his son from receiving a court martial, dishonorable discharge, and a prison sentence. As one senior Bush business partner recalled, then-Ambassador Bush knew that junior was in “deep shit.” Senior Bush arranged for his son to serve at a religious drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in San Diego between May and November 1972. Conservative San Diego was a major center for Fellowship activities.

The time Bush spent in religious rehab in San Diego represents part of the famous “gap” in Bush’s National Guard service record. According to a fitness report on Bush issued by the White House in 2004, Bush was “Not rated for the period 1 May 72 through 30 Apr 73. Report for this period not available for administrative reasons.” This represents the time Junior Bush was being shown the way from drugs to Jesus in San Diego and afterwards, his court-ordered community service penance in Houston. The senior Bush arranged to have the arrest record on Junior expunged and even his name removed from the police blotter. Later, a ruse that Junior Bush went to Alabama to work on the Republican Senate campaign of Winton Blount was concocted to throw off nosy opposition research investigators and journalists. The deception worked.

After drug rehab, Bush returned to Houston to perform prior court-arranged community service with Project P.U.L.L. (Professional United Leadership League), a Houston inner-city program to help troubled and mostly minority teens. It was run by John White, a former tight end for the Houston Oilers, who died in 1988. White’s assistants told Knight-Ridder in late October 2004, that because the senior Bush was honorary co-chairman of Project P.U.L.L., he asked White to do him a favor by placing Junior Bush into a volunteer slot. One of White’s administrative assistants told the news service that White recalled that Junior Bush had “gotten into some kind of trouble” but was not more specific. Willie Frazier, another former Houston Oiler and a P.U.L.L. volunteer in 1973, recalled to Knight-Ridder that the senior Bush impressed on White that an “arrangement” had to be made for the Junior Bush. P.U.L.L. closed its doors in 1989, a year after White’s death but several P.U.L.L. associates remembered that unlike other volunteers, Junior Bush’s hours as a volunteer had to be accounted for because he was in some kind of “trouble.”

Senior Bush had a few other chores to take care of. One was to thank Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance, a past president of the National District Attorneys’ Association, for helping to drop the drug charges against Junior and expunging the arrest record. According to close Bush associates, in appreciation, Mr. Vance was rewarded with a partnership at the prestigious Houston law firm of Bracewell & Patterson. First International Bank (later InterFirst Bank), on whose board Senior Bush served, was a major client of Bracewell & Patterson. InterFirst and its predecessor served as a primary money conduit for Saudi and other foreign money that was pumped into the business and political campaign coffers of both George Senior and Junior.

Vance also had links to the organization that would become Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministries, an adjunct of the Fellowship. Vance, an evangelical Methodist, ministered to inmates in solitary confinement in Texas prisons. Later, Vance would team up with Colson in a variety of prison ministry projects in the United States and Brazil. Governor Ann Richards appointed Vance to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, the entity that oversees the state’s Correction’s Department. Vance convinced newly-inaugurated Governor George W. Bush to establish faith-based prisons in Texas, a move that was endorsed by Colson. Bush also permitted ministers to act as detoxification counselors without professional training and certification. In addition, churches were allowed to operate day care centers without state accreditation. Vance became one of the leading advocates of evangelical-run prisons in the United States – something that Colson, Bush, Coe, and the Fellowship all advocated. Vance also saw Satan as being behind Ouija boards and the game Dungeons and Dragons – cultural smears that would be extended by his fellow evangelicals to other innocent children’s icons like Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz’s Good Witch of the North and Wicked Witch of the West, the Vulcan Mr. Spock in Star Trek, and Jedi Knight Yoda in Star Wars, all accused of spreading Satanism and the Teletubbies character Tinky Winky, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, Buster Baxter the Bunny from Public Broadcasting’s Postcards from Buster, and Barney the Dinosaur, all charged with promoting homosexuality.

Junior Bush’s time in San Diego at a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is where the future President of the United States would first be given large doses of Jesus indoctrination. With Nixon’s resignation in disgrace and the Republicans taking a beating in the 1974 elections, little did the Fellowship realize what a huge catch they had made in George W. Bush. Gerald Ford’s administration vainly tried to salvage the Republican cause – but Ford would be defeated in the 1976 race against a born-again Christian, nuclear submarine commander, and former peanut farmer from Georgia named Jimmy Carter. True, Carter was an evangelical Christian but he was not the type favored by the Fellowship and their big business allies, especially two key members of the Ford administration, Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. And Ford’s CIA Director, George H. W. Bush, was miffed when Carter did not invite him top stay on as spy chief. Bush would have his revenge against the upstart former Governor of Georgia and peanut farmer soon enough.
This is some good powerful true stuff, American People need to wake up!!! And wake up now, this Christian Far Right Weirdo stuff has gone to far. Read this too much detail and too much to take in at once, we will be posting excerpts from each post daily. This is powerful, true, and scary!!

Read more of this amazing story here from Expose the Christian Mafia at


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