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YOU CAN LOITER, SELL DRUGS, NO  YARDSALES WITHOUT PERMIT What A Joke!!!!  Coatesville Get It Together!!!

I just want to submit this rant as I can not believe this happened.  I went to Fairview cemetary to visit my fathers grave, for those that do not know where it is located,  it’s on Oak Street in Coatesville.  Upon leaving I saw a yardsale sign.  I pulled over and went into the yard which was right on Oak, the yard was right there, I was not even in the yard for a whole 5 minutes and a white truck with municipal tags pulled up and parked behind me.  This guy comes walking in and asks the two men running the yardsale if they had a permit or sign from city hall all within my hearing range.

They did, but what shocks me the most is right down the street there must have been 20 people hanging out in the street, and one block over about another 25, and one standing in the street talking on a cell phone and would not move, or the two porches that were filled with trash, and not a word is said.

This is why Coatesville will never change.  They are paying a guy, I heard him say his name was Troop, to ride around, pay his gas to  harass people having a yardsale, two older men trying to make a couple honest bucks, but do nothing to stop loitering, houses piled with trash, drug deals in the open, what do they pay this guy, no I mean what do we taxpayers pay this guy, to ride around all day to locate this yardsale, I mean you wouldn’t have just found this yardsale riding down business 30, what a joke.  I mean come on Coatesville, what are you doing here?  You should be thrilled someone is having a yardsale, you should encourage it, you have bigger and meaner fish to fry. Get with it.

As a Coatesville resident I do not want to pay for this man to do nothing but worry about yardsales, what a waste of taxpayer money, and time, your lucky anyone even wants to have a yardsale in the city,  most people will not enter the city for a yardsale or anything else, so why are you worried about stupid s#@# permits with all you need to be worried about???  We need change in the council and need it now.

Lauren Coatesville Chester County


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