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What do Congressman Joe Pitts and the West Chester Republican school board candidates have in common? They are connected to religious right groups that are more concerned with turning this country into a theocracy and promoting hate. In previous posts we have documented Joe Pitt’s right wing connections to C Street and Sean Carpenter’s connections to Chester County Action. Both groups are designed to promote right wing hate by promoting candidates that are solely pro-life, pro-Christian, pro-Intelligent Design, and anti-gay. So it makes perfect sense that Congressman Joe Pitt’s endorsed Heidi Adsett, Sean Carpenter, Maria Pimley, and John Wingerter for school board.
We know that the four Republican candidates were coached by the Gwenne Alexander, the Executive Director of Chester County Action. “All four candidates were recruited and coached by Gwenne and her group, and it is only with her group’s guidance that we succeeded.  We have a tremendous partner in Chester County Action”, wrote Sean Carpenter. Gwenne Alexander is also the on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS). This cyber charter school is run by a right wing minister Jim Hanak and Chief Academic Advisor John Wingerter. This school receives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in taxpayer money every year. If Wingerter is elected he will truly present a conflict of interest.
Gwenne Alexander, Jim Hanak, Heidi Adsett, Sean Carpenter, Maria Pimley, and John Wingerter are right wing extremists that want to destroy our public school system. Chester County Action, PALCS, and C Street are known as the Christian Mafia set out to incorporate their values in your childrens classroom. Let’s not forget Congressman Joe Pitts is a member of C Street who believe they are the chosen ones, it’s okay to lie, steal, cheat, have affairs, rape little girls, as their founder teaches, they are chosen and it’s okay!!!  Disturbing!!!

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An interview with a man who went undercover into the heart of a major power mad “christian” religious sect frequented by religious conservatives for 70 years. True and Scary The Christian Conservatives believe they are the chosen, Disturbing, Bizzare
I can not believe these are the people that call themselves Christians.

“International Foundation” is one of the names used by The Family according to Jeff Sharlet. International Foundation sponsored a $7,940. trip to Belarus taken by Rep. Joseph Pitts in 2004. This information, as well as other congressional trips sponsored by the International Foundation can be found at www.legistorm.com

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An anti-abortion group’s TV ad shows a white-haired man fretting that under a federal health plan, “They won’t pay for my surgery, but we’re forced to pay for abortions.”

“Will this be our future?” the ad asks, merging the fears of seniors worried about their health care with those of anti-abortion advocates. “Our greatest generation, denied care. Our future generation, denied life.”

In fact, none of the health care overhaul measures that have made it through the committee level in Congress say that abortion will be covered, and one of them explicitly says that no public funds will be used to finance the procedure. Furthermore, none of the bills call explicitly for cuts in Medicare coverage, much less rationing, under a public plan.

The bills leave the specifics of what medical services would be covered up to advisory panels that are supposed to make recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services, and ultimately up to the secretary of that department. Whether she or he would choose to cover abortions under any new federal plan is something we can’t predict. Our crystal ball functions no better on the topic of whether the elderly, or anyone else for that matter, will get the care they need under such a plan or under Medicare.


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