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Officials in Coatesville say they’ve signed an agreement with a developer to build a 125-room Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.
The project has been delayed and scaled back since it first was discussed in 2004. Officials said Monday that the agreement will allow the developer to start infrastructure work for the $31 million project.

This would be great for the city of Coatesville if all goes as planned.  However I can not see with the way the city is now anyone staying at that hotel.  People are not dumb, business class usually know and research an area before staying there.  I mean if a person goes to Atlantic city to gamble, they usually want the casino hotels, not the ones on the side streets for safety reasons.  People know.  Sadsbury and Valley townships are building and cleaning up, Thorndale is filled with stores now we need to clean up the eyesore in the middle, the center streets on 30 in the middle of Coatesville city. 

Lay down the law, stop the loitering, and start fining the people that litter the streets, I am sorry, but I ride through Coatesville on a daily basis and see people just walking and dropping trash, they finish a can of soda and just drop it,  littering is a against the law,  fine them $300.00 each time they do it. Get on the landlords, to get on their tenants, many houses on 8th  ave. and business 30 have the rooftops littered with trash, sneakers, they need to see who is on the lease and how many people live there.  The code office needs to do a better job or find someone who can.  Instead of harassing the people about  putting a new roof on to make their places look better, do inspections of these homes and tenant leases.  You can not have 25 people sharing one house.  Get on them, the police have plenty to do, hire a street patrol to go after and fine the people that litter and loiter, get the codes office to start checking out these leases and fine them for code violations, it can be done.  There is no excuse for any of the above, the people in the city of Coatesville pay enough taxes.

Get it together Coatesville, the hotel might help, but not with the streets the way they are. Get tough, fine heavily and clean up Coatesville.



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