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Now they are accusing him of spreading socialism and getting the school kids to follow him. When will it end?  The Gop and right wing extremist really need to give it a break.  There was no problem when both George Bush Sr. and Jr. or Ronald Reagan spoke to school children.  The GOP is stirring this up amongst parents who already do not like Obama, this is just pathetic.  He is our President and he gets not an ounce of respect, what is wrong today?  We are so divided, and is the Republican party just a party of white, because that what it seems like to me.  Why is it they are stirring this huge controversy over our President talking to the children.  I know why, you can think what you want, but this has never happened before.  The right wing hate groups that hate President Obama because of the color of his skin are using any agenda to get to him and preach their hate,  first health care, now school speeches, what will it be next?

Maybe the schools and teachers and others in States that are so against it should not be allowed any funding for programs, I mean they want to keep their kids home so they do not hear our President of the United States,  C’mon people.  My god, the West Chester Area School Board has extreme right wing radicals running for the school board and that’s okay, yet parents do not want the President to speak to children to stay in school and work hard.  I don’t get it, well actually I do, and I rest my case.

See video http://www.chestercountypost.com/2009/09/president-obama-and-concerns-over-his.html


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President Obama, I just want to put this out there for you, I am sure you know already. The Good Ole White Rich Greedy Republicans are out for you, you know it, I know it. They are no good, they want to keep the greedy white rich corrupt people at the top, you scare them, you are a threat to them, which is good news, because we already know that.. The Greedy, White, Rich, Corrupt, Bigot, Racist, GOP isn’t just for the white, they are for the Rich White, they make me sick… I voted for you, I am white, but hate this GOP Hate Group that has been running our Country. I voted for you for change. Stick with you goals, don’t let these bigots bring you down or change your views. You scare them, you are hitting them in their pockets where they need to be hit, and they don’t like it. They hate you Obama because you bring change to the middle class and working poor. Please, don’t give in to the Republicans, Stay Strong, thats why we voted for you. They want to run you out and down, Please stay strong and be yourself, and ignore these racist bigots who claim to be Christians and help the American People like you said. The Republicans are angry because your being honest threatens their corrupt ways and how they get away with it. You scare them and you should…..You scare them, you are hitting them where it hurts, their pockets, they know they can not get away with fraudulent payments, diverted payments and big payments from their huge contributors like Insurance and Oil Companies like they were under Bush, you are a threat to the Greedy, White, Corrupt, Administration.  Keep with it Obama, just like the rising in Iran, it may be a little extreme, but thats what it was coming to here, believe it or not.  People can only be down and poor for so long, while the corrupt Republicans get richer…..

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