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I saw this posted on here and other places before, but just wanted to add, this crew that works at the Thorndale Goodwill is No Good. Ginger the long haired old looking woman with white hair is no good, she is a thief, she steals the donations, she told my friend she would watch out for certain items that come in, and this Joanne Pacana, she works for another charity and yet steals jewelry. Her friends are Barb, heavy blond haired woman, and Fran a long haired old witchy woman lady, they are all friends and all steal. Please if you must drop off your items somewhere, take them anywhere but Goodwill in Thorndale, they steal, rob and are crooks. Lowlifes who steal donations meant for others.

submitted by Julie Chester County


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A local reader and blogger has contributed this story for us.  She and others have seen on numerous occasions Theft by the Manager Ginger Haase, and 2 co workers and friends by the names of Barb and Fran that work the day shift together. They are friends and co conspirators.  Apparently on several occasions she saw while looking around  a lady come in at around the same time, and when no one was looking or at the counter, either the Manager or one of the 2 coworkers Barb or Fran would hand her a bag of jewelry and valuables from under the counter.  On one occasion the lady (came to find out her name is Joanne Pacana from another Goodwill employee their who confirmed also this was going on) walked in and since there were people at the counter the manager Ginger made a gesture and Joanne Pacana followed her to the back of the store and was handed a huge knapsack, it was so heavy the woman could barely carry it out the front door.  You could hear glass and other items as she walked. She wasn’t the only one who has seen this. 

Another reader also informed us that when she went to look at a piece of jewelry on the counter the one coworker Barb literally snatched it out of her hand and said she was holding it for someone and the shopper could not purchase it.  Another gentleman informed us of the same thing while trying to buy a Franklin Mint knife on the counter, the coworker Barb said she was going to put it in the back and bring it out on Fathers Day to sell, so he could not purchase it.  Needless to say it never hit the floor on Fathers Day or was seen again. 

The reader informed us that after seeing this on many occasions and after talking to an employee there who said that Joanne Pacana calls ahead on her lunch break so they can have these items ready, she went up the chain of command to complain and nothing has been done to this day, in fact just the opposite, they got mad, tried to cover up and banned her from coming in the Thorndale Store as to not be able to witness the continued theft. It goes on as we speak.  This is how the ban came about, because of her constant complaining.

First she called the Goodwill Corporate Office and emailed them regarding this, they told her to call the Regional Manager April Marconi.  When she called April she was shocked at the response she got, April the Manager acted mad that she got this call, and questioning almost threatening to the caller that she probaly did not see this, verbally attacking the person calling in,   You think the  regional manager would want to know that there is a theft going on, no in fact what she did was go back and tell the Ginger the manager, and Barb and Fran the coworkers about the complaint.  So the next time she goes in the three huddle in the front and start whispering and refused to wait on her.  They knew her from coming in, and knew it was her that complained because the Regional Manager told them it was her.  By the way one employee (who is afraid to say to much in fear for her job} along with the Assistant Manager confirmed this is going on by the Manager and co workers.  The asst. manager said ” You would not believe the s#*t that goes on here, no one care and no one will listen .”  That is pathetic in itself.  We are talking about donated items. 

So after this, after the Regional Manager doesn’t care and warned them, she proceeds to complain via email to Corporate.  They then have a loss prevention guy Stan McCarty call her, he again was a joke in itself.  He did nothing, he wanted to find out what she saw and knew.  He met her at the Happy Days Diner in Thorndale along with another person who saw the theft on many occasions, and basically just drilled her on what she saw.  Still nothing was done, months went by, the theft ring was still going on,  Stan McCarty made every excuse in the book for not stopping the theft ring.  Some were, Goodwill doesn’t have it in their budget for cameras, another was it’s easier to let the theft go on than pay 3 people unemployment and retrain a new Manager, another is if the Manager brings in a profit for the store it doesn’t matter if she is stealing.  Another was I was in the mountains all week, or my assistant loss prevention guy is out for 2 weeks short of help,  The excuses went on and on, Pathetic!!!!

To this date, she has complained by mail and email to  Regional Manager April Marconi, Board Members, The Corporate Goodwill Office, Public Relations, and finally the head CEO Ron Kratofil who is in charge of the Pa. Goodwill Stores.  They do not care, they allow this because it goes on as we speak.  They never even checked it out, Stan McCarty the Loss Prevention never looked into it.  The complaints were ignored until finally our reader got an email from the CEO saying theft is not always easy to catch, blah blah blah.  When she complained again to the CEO that is was still going on, he has an Attorney draft her an email that IT WAS NOT IN GOODWILLS BEST INTEREST FOR HER TO COME IN THE STORE AND BANNED HER. EVEN SENT A NOTICE TO CALN POLICE MAKING IT LOOK LIKE THIS WOMAN WAS THE THIEF!!! SUCH A PATHETIC JOKE.

These people are using the Goodwill name to benefit themselves, this is not fair, it’s theft and they should all be prosecuted to the fullest.  It may be Goodwill’s items, but they are donated for a reason.  They are not donated so three employees can take out the valuables that come in first.  It’s the same three all the time, Ginger, Barb, and Fran.  They always work together during the day when the theft occurs.  It’s always in the day on this womans lunchbreak, never at night or on the weekends.  Ginger the Manager keeps Barb there during the day.  Barb is in charge of jewelry and valuables.  Let me tell you, all you have to do is look on ebay and see the price of vintage jewelry and other valuables to imagine what these 3 workers and the lady coming in for the pick up are making.  Let me tell you, Barb is only there at the most 3 -4 hours per day, she is not there to make a whole $7.15 per hour, she is there just long enough to sort through the jewelry and valuables and leave.  I can not believe no one does anything about this.

 Please stop in and see for yourself,  around 12:45 Joanne Pacana will pull in to Goodwill, she will be in a white van with Maryland Tags.  Just stand at the counter, it’s not hard, act like your not paying attention to them, they will hand her a bag or box, usually no charge, or they will charge her $5.00 for $100.00 worth of items.  I mean one bag she carried out was stuffed full of jewelry, most jewelry items there are $3.97  a piece, so a 30  lb bag of jewelry isn’t going to cost $5.00.  Anyway, if they are busy she might walk into the back isles and do a pick up.  No, it’s not on the up and up. Goodwill knows it and doesn’t care, it cost to much to fire and retrain a manager from what I hear, like Goodwill doesn’t have enough money.  Anyway just go there during the week, she goes at least 3 times between 12:30-1:30 , this is her lunch break.  As one employee told her, she calls ahead so they have it ready. Unbelievable. Check it out for yourself.  This is how the reader knows they condone it, a 3 year old could catch them, yet the CEO, Goodwill Managers, Board Members, Loss Prevention cover it up.  As she said there is more to this than meets the eye, this is valuable stuff going out the door and she believes Goodwill is up to no good!!


In the meantime, do not donate Valuables to Goodwill Stores in Thorndale Pa. or actually any Goodwill Store in Pa.  This same CEO runs them and allows the theft, I’m wondering if he and upper management are not a part of, or set certain managers at certain stores who will carry on this theft ring procedure.  People think about it, alot of valuable stuff comes in through Goodwill, sometimes junk, but is it fair that the people donating for charity or a good cause should have their items go to the workers who steal and benefit first before the cause it is supposed to go to.  There are many other charities people, please look them up on the internet.  Household Goods are one thing, but cash, anything of value, DO NOT DONATE TO THIS THEFT RING

The reason our reader and others know it still goes on is because this Joanne Pacana who is picking up the items is seen by workers at nearby shops who know about it.  It’s always between 12:30 – 1:30, she is only in there 8-15 minutes tops, apparently just getting jewelry items pulled out of the locked glass case takes longer than that in itself. 

She is stealing, the Manager Ginger Haase and her co workers Barb and Fran are stealing too, our reader knows what she saw and others have seen also and confirmed, and if the Loss Prevention and Ceo just interviewed the co workers who confirmed this, they would see it too. But they do not want to stop it, this is why YOU MUST FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO DONATE. READ THE INTERNET THERE ARE MANY VERY GOOD CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS OUT THERE IN THE CHESTER COUNTY PA AREA. 

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