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What is with the Judges in Chester County Court embarrassing people who are on hard times….what gives them the right to abuse someone who is over there appealing  traffic tickets, who may have other issues or be disabled ????  Who are they to tell that person how to live, or what they can live on, or why they are disabled, is a Judge a Doctor now ?????????????

I thought the appeal process was to appeal ?????????????????????????????????????? I didn’t know the appeal process meant taking  nasty verbal abuse from one of the Chester County Court Of Common Pleas Judges who is also a Medical Doctor in front of everyone was part of the appeal process…..

I am sickened by these Judges who use the bench for ignorance !!!!! They should retire if they are there just showing up to collect their salary when peoples lives are on their sleeve, to be miserable, and crucify everyone, or maybe they had a rough night, no excuse, they are on the bench to think clearly and abide by the laws,and clearly look for what is right or wrong….I am going further, I am going to put a stop to this abuse at the Chester County Courthouse…..Trust Me, it may take a few years, but it begins today…..I am thinking MANY PEOPLES CIVIL RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED BY THESE JUDGES WHO HAVE GOT AWAY WITH IT FOR SO LONG, UNTOUCHABLES…..NO MORE !!!!

 Judges are there to be a Judge, but how dare they now try to be Doctors , this is clearly an abuse of to much power….Time to Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Everyone has to obey by the rules, and NO ONE, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, NOT EVEN JUDGES, though so many get away with it until one person brings it out,,,,that may be me……


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