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missing woman
Toni Lee Sharpless, 29, went to a Gladwyne party Saturday night, but never returned home to West Brandywine. She was driving a black 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, with plate number DND-7772.
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kim twaddell

Police Continue Search for Missing Woman in Chesco  

by KYW’s Al NovackAuthorities in Chester County have issued an all-points bulletin for a missing woman, Kimberly Twadell (photo) who vanished on her way to work last Thursday and hasn’t been seen since. Police are asking for help from anyone who may have seen her or her car.North Coventry Township-Chester County is asking the public for help in locating a missing woman. The woman is identified as Kimberly Twadell (photo). She was last seen Thursday around 1:30pm when she left home in her silver highlander SUV with Pennsylvania license tag number FHT-0361.

Police say she failed to show up for work that day. She is said to 5’ 7” tall weighing 130 pounds with brown hair, and brown eyes. Anyone with information should call police at 911 or 610-323-8360.



Kirsti Alley and Demi Moore Join in Search for Kim Cox Twaddell on Twitter Kirsti is a friend of Kim’s husband and Offer Reward.

Kirsti Alley Demi Moore Tweets for Kim Twaddell offer reward, great going guys!!

No information ON KIM TWADDELL yet. Last seen outside of PHILLY Driving a Silver Toyota Hylander Penn tags # FHTO361 www.cnn.com/nancygraceabout 2 hours ago from web  KIM’S CHILDREN were not with her.They were at a sleepover.Her husband was at their house with her mother.She left to get kids.Didnt returnabout 2 hours ago from web  

 Kim, it is safe for you to come home, under any circumstance..your children and family love you.None of us are without troubles.If u canabout 2 hours ago from web  KIM TWADDELL…sorry for misspelling..not a lot of sleep.about 2 hours ago from web  

 GOOD MORNING MY GAURDIAN ANGELS..THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH..I know you are working very hard to help find KIM TWADDLE…TIME IS OF THE ESSENCEabout 2 hours ago from web  

 @polksaladana Thank you so much…about 2 hours ago from web in reply to polksaladana @mrskutcher Demi, thank you for your kindness and care. You are a beautiful soul and know I will be there for u if you ever need me. Love,Kabout 14 hours ago from web

in reply to mrskutcher GOOD NITE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALES…and Kim, if u see this, yu are loved and missed…please come home safely…our prayers are with youabout 14 hours ago from web

 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR HELPING..It is amazing what people can d when they ban together..thank u for your support and prayers..and helpabout 14 hours ago from web

  POTTSTOWN PA…been missing since 8/20 at 1:15 P.M…any info CALL 610-3238360..N.Coventry Police Dept..thanks so much..Kim,call if u canabout 19 hours ago from web
Kim Twaddle has shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is very pretty.5’7.driving silver Toyota Highlander FHTO361..LAST SEENabout 19 hours ago from web LOve you guys. If you are in the PHilly area please look for Silver Toyota Highlander..FHTO361..please help find her..thank you.thanks

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I will not give any names here, maybe in the future , but not now.  Recently I talked to a couple of people while out and about and heard them bragging about how a couple of Cops in the Downingtown and  Caln Township Police Dept. let them go for Drinking and Driving.  I am sorry, but if this law is supposed to work, it needs to work for everyone, not just the few who are penalized for it.  One guy bragged that he ran a red light and the officer let him go because he knew someone in his family, another because they knew his wife.  This is Totally Wrong, and Needs To Stop.  You as a Police Officer can not throw the book at one person for DUI, while letting others go because of who they know, or who you know…. What if that person you let go kills someone?  And what if that person they may kill would be a child, or someone in the end you know.  UHH UHH, there are no breaks or excuses here, if someone is drinking and driving, you arrest them, it doesn’t matter who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and if they are Police Officers, Judges, DAs, Attorneys, they should get no break either, they should not get away with it, if they are drinking and driving and over the limit, it doesn’t matter who they are, they need to be arrested.

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