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Now they are accusing him of spreading socialism and getting the school kids to follow him. When will it end?  The Gop and right wing extremist really need to give it a break.  There was no problem when both George Bush Sr. and Jr. or Ronald Reagan spoke to school children.  The GOP is stirring this up amongst parents who already do not like Obama, this is just pathetic.  He is our President and he gets not an ounce of respect, what is wrong today?  We are so divided, and is the Republican party just a party of white, because that what it seems like to me.  Why is it they are stirring this huge controversy over our President talking to the children.  I know why, you can think what you want, but this has never happened before.  The right wing hate groups that hate President Obama because of the color of his skin are using any agenda to get to him and preach their hate,  first health care, now school speeches, what will it be next?

Maybe the schools and teachers and others in States that are so against it should not be allowed any funding for programs, I mean they want to keep their kids home so they do not hear our President of the United States,  C’mon people.  My god, the West Chester Area School Board has extreme right wing radicals running for the school board and that’s okay, yet parents do not want the President to speak to children to stay in school and work hard.  I don’t get it, well actually I do, and I rest my case.

See video http://www.chestercountypost.com/2009/09/president-obama-and-concerns-over-his.html


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 I am sorry, but this is not about health care, this is about having a black President, this is staged and racist.  If all Americans were like these people, I would move out of the Country tomorrow, look at them, what makes them think that they speak for us, or all Americans, they are crazy and disturbing, and this is rehearsed at best, they do not even know what they are talking about, it they would shut up and listen, instead of listening to lies about killing granny and these other sick adds the Republicans are putting out, they might learn something.  A scary, scary, bunch!!!  Bizarre to put it mildly and I am glad they are not my neighbors, uhhhhh!


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You know I have to write this, because with Obama being President I thought there would be less predjudice, but there is more.  But let me tell you one thing, and its about love, only love.  I was not given a choice, we can not always have the choice of who are sons or daughters are going to date or go out with or have kids with, as much as we want ,we can not control this.   I didn’t have a choice, my daughter who is white and Italian had a baby with a black man, and it wasn’t my choice,  not because of his race but because of his past history,  I could talk to my daughter until I was blue in the face and after many arguments, she loved this man even though he was bad news,race had nothing to do with it, I didn’t  want her to have a baby at all, she was not ready.  I didn’t pick my daughters boyfriend, like we all wish we could. White or Black, I really hoped that my daughter would not have picked a loser white or black or any nationality,but aside from her choice, let me tell you, I love my Grandaughter, more than life itself.  She is so precious, and smart, and innocent, and just an angel, and I hate when I hear people decide a childs fate before its even born because of race.  I have heard my daughters friends and their families, as soon as they hear their daughters baby may be mixed go crazy and try to do everything in their power to stop the birth.

I know this for a fact, and the ones that stick by their daughters fall in love like I have and will never hear of it again, the shame of it is , it shouldn’t take this for this to happen.  A baby or child is so precious, no matter what race, or nationality or gender. They are all angels.   When I hear these hate racist remarks I want to cringe, or no, I do cringe, because Giana is the most precious angel you would ever meet. 

I used to hear from certain friends and people, if that was my daughter I would disown her, or I wouldn’t talk to her, or that child, well look what I would be missing.  Giana is so sweet, she teaches me things everyday, what an angel!!! A true angel……..God I love her!!!! 

  I hear people and some who swear they are Christian whether it be at work, or at the store or from other people who do not know I have a mixed grandaughter make really racist remarks in front of me,well let me tell you, they have no idea what they are missing.  My Baby is so sweet, I love her so much I could cry, she is so beautiful and smart, and I am sad for what she has to face in this cold world…. I hope I can protect her as long as I am alive, as a white person, yeah, I am ashamed of many of the white people as they stand….I love you Giana, your so precious, your my Angel…..You could teach alot to the world, just with your smile and big eyes, and that you love everyone and you do not even know color.  I love You!!

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