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The Far Right Has No Place in Any School System Around Children Period !!!

This is not sent in from any parent or concerned resident of Chester County, this is straight from the rants, and we are not worried about grammar here daily local dan, we are getting a point across.

We have seen these rants submitted from parents regarding the West Chester School Board Candidates over and over, and we have something to say here, and hopefully we speak for all children, as they are innocent and to young to vote.

No one that has the feelings of hate towards any one group should ever, ever, be in any place where children are involved.  Now, Sean Carpenter who has been seen protesting in public with a person who hates gay people and he himself  who hates gay people, should never, ever , be allowed to be on any school board.  What about the poor innocent child who may be gay?

I am sorry, but you can have your opinions, but you can not be on any board or office where children are involved.  How would a poor child who may be confused, and yes, there will be, and are, young children confused or scared about being gay or not,  however being so afraid to be able to be open about it, knowing the school they attend feels so strongly against it, will likely cause so many more problems.  Even others if they are gay, will hide it, and be afraid because the school they attend, is that what you may want your poor confused child to do instead of talk to you?  Think about it!

Come on parents, you can say or think what you want, but many parents are the last to know. If your child was gay and you did, or did not know, would you want the school board teaching hate against gay people ?  Would you want your child hated and depressed and worse contemplating suicide because you know the school he or she attends hates gays ??  There should never be so much hate against anyone period in school, isn’t that what we teach.

My children are grown as are many of the posters of Chester county rants, this does not affect us, but you as parents really need to think about this.  Your child whatever choice he or she may make in the future, there is no room for hate, period.  You can not have this on any school board or office, let alone any office or job.

Yes, and these protest signs they claim to be so innocent, Obama Bin Laden, they are not innocent, they are calling our President of the United States a terrorist or someone he is not, how many innocent people pay for this hatred?  How many children who know no hate for any race, will form a hatred because of this?

Right now President Obama is our President and you can not have a hate group on any school board against any race, or teaching hate against the President of The United States.

I would not want my grandchildren going to a school that called our President a terrorist, or was taught this hatred or racism as a tool in any school, he is our President, he is not Osama Bin Laden as the right school board candidates are calling him , and I want my grandchildren to know Obama, not Osama.

This is pathetic, I do not even know why the likes of Sean Carpenter and the other candidates would want to be school board members, but this is not the job for them, there are other things they could be doing, what I don’t know, maybe helping out in a soup kitchen over the holidays!!

I am sorry, but this can not be good, never, ever!


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