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Below is a mention about ChesterCountyRants from WCJIM’s website.

The newest site to make WCJIM’s short list is Chester County Rants. Not to be confused with other crank webpages, this site actually offers people the chance to submit their own rants. They tend to lean towards the left, and the proprietor has some especially strong words for the Republican school board candidates (plus pictures), but the writing is very intelligent and offers more humor than most political websites.

Thank You and We Have Added You As A Link!!! 

A Little Info About WCJIM visit his site soon!

WCJIM is an acronym for “West Chester Jim Jones.” Jim is a history professor at West Chester University, a 16-year resident of the town (actually borough) of West Chester, and an active volunteer for local government and community activities.

Jim grew up in a blue-collar family and was the first member to complete college. He then entered the Peace Corps as a teacher, and afterwards he travelled on his own in Europe and Africa where he supported himself by working on farms while he learned to speak several languages, visited cultural and historical sites, climbed mountains and crossed the Sahara Desert. After returning to the United States, he obtained a commercial driver’s license and eventually became a cross-country tour operator. Meanwhile, he augmented his knowledge of automotive mechanics, acquired the first of nearly a dozen motorcycles and taught himself how to program personal computers. Eventually, he enrolled in graduate school and received a Ph.D. in African history from the University of Delaware in 1995.


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