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Now they are accusing him of spreading socialism and getting the school kids to follow him. When will it end?  The Gop and right wing extremist really need to give it a break.  There was no problem when both George Bush Sr. and Jr. or Ronald Reagan spoke to school children.  The GOP is stirring this up amongst parents who already do not like Obama, this is just pathetic.  He is our President and he gets not an ounce of respect, what is wrong today?  We are so divided, and is the Republican party just a party of white, because that what it seems like to me.  Why is it they are stirring this huge controversy over our President talking to the children.  I know why, you can think what you want, but this has never happened before.  The right wing hate groups that hate President Obama because of the color of his skin are using any agenda to get to him and preach their hate,  first health care, now school speeches, what will it be next?

Maybe the schools and teachers and others in States that are so against it should not be allowed any funding for programs, I mean they want to keep their kids home so they do not hear our President of the United States,  C’mon people.  My god, the West Chester Area School Board has extreme right wing radicals running for the school board and that’s okay, yet parents do not want the President to speak to children to stay in school and work hard.  I don’t get it, well actually I do, and I rest my case.

See video http://www.chestercountypost.com/2009/09/president-obama-and-concerns-over-his.html


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I am from West Chester and care deeply about our schools and do not want to see right wing ideology replace athletics, the arts, and music. The WCASD has some very good schools and has one of the lowest tax rates in the county. We are the only school district in the county that supports three high schools. With that being said, our school district is under assault by a group of right wing extremists that care more about advancing a political agenda than they do about education. They even want to teach Intellegent Design int he classroom. None of the four right wing candidates (Adsett, Carpenter, Pimley, or Wingerter) have ties to the community. One of the candidates, Sean Carpenter, does not even have children that live in the district. His son attends public school in York County. Carpenter is also a member of the American Sheepdogs, a right wing group that has made statements comparing President Obama to Osama bin Laden and has questioned  his citizenship. Its no doubt they use a racist undertone to get their message accross and their right-wing ideology is undeniable to the public. These same members often spend Saturday mornings on the courthouse lawn, marching under the banner of the Chester County Victory Movement. But you do not have to believe me that these candidates are right wingers. Just read what current school board members Jim Davison and Jim Smith had to say.

 “A small group of radicals has taken control of a party I dearly love,” said Smith. “West Chester’s schools provide excellent education, and we have the lowest tax rate in the county. These qualities need to be maintained. Obviously that’s not recognized by the core of committeepeople who seem to be controlling the selection process.”

In a newsletter article Carpenter wrote he said that the GOP’s decision to endorse him and the other three for school board represented a victory for the conservative wing of the Republican Party and a defeat for its liberal wing.

“This is exactly how we want to take back the Republican Party — using superior preparation and ideas to win these battles,” Carpenter wrote. “This is how we get office holders we can support with pride, rather than ones that are an embarrassment to us all.”

Why was Smith so mad? No where in Carpenter’s newsletter article did he say what he believed the values of the party’s conservative wing to be. But he did say that all four School Board candidates (the others are Heidi Adsett, Maria ArmadiPimley, and John Wingerter) had been “recruited and coached by Gwenne and her group, and it is only with her group’s guidance that we succeeded.”


Gwenne Alexander, of Chester County Action, a local PAC. Anyone who’s familiar with county politics knows that if you’re associated with Chester County Action, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you’re a right-wing Christian conservative. She said that while Chester County Action is particularly interested in the West Chester Area School Board race, it has not actually given its recommendation to the four endorsed Republican candidates. She also said that Carpenter wasn’t entirely accurate in saying she was responsible for fielding him and the other three who got the endorsement.

None of the endorsed candidates, except Carpenter, said that Alexander had given them any special coaching. Carpenter later said he probably shouldn’t have written that Alexander had coached the candidates. Board President Smith, however, said he was sure that Chester County Action was responsible for the endorsements. “I am disappointed with the party as a whole, and with Gwenne Alexander,” he said. “It’s a disgrace that the party doesn’t really care about the candidates it puts forward.”

 Chester County Action’s website provides a nice synopsis of the battle going on within the county GOP. From the About Us” section: “We know that the endorsement of the local Republican Party is extremely powerful in Chester County. Consequently, it is important to have an organization that will recruit and train conservative, pro-life people to get involved in the political process … Our goal is to educate voters and to encourage conservatives to get involved in the political process. We are confident that when voters understand the whole story, we can prevail. Our challenge is formidable however. For over four years, a different organization has been working against the values we hold so dear. As a result, this group has targeted conservative, pro-life committee people for their seats on the local Republican Committee. Unfortunately, several conservative committee people lost their positions.”
(Taken from Daily Local Dan’s blog on www.dailylocal.com, February 2009)
Attached is the picture of Sean Carpenter supporting waterboarding (torture) and other Sheepdog members with their racist signs.
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