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What A Big A&%
What A Big A&%

WASHINGTON – In a triumph for President Barack Obama, Democrats narrowly pushed sweeping health care legislation through a key congressional committee Friday night and cleared the way for a September showdown in the House.

But the House Republican Leader, John Boehner of Ohio, countered that “Democrats are in for a long, hot summer once they return to their congressional districts, where Americans are lining up in opposition to a government takeover of health care. ”

John Boehner why don’t you just shut up, go get your tan and play golf, quit playing with health care, you have no clue, you have the best health care and we the taxpayers pay for it.  Stay in Ohio and get your tan, you tan so much the rays I believe have warped your brain… Shut Up, thats all, just Shut Up

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Lucky I Wasnt There

I love a good party, and let me tell you, lucky I wasn’t there.  I would have been partying it up.  I would have brought out the music, and the keg, there would be no few beers, we would be partying!!!  I know I wouldn’t be driving with the Cambridge Cop there, but at the White House, I could have called a limo,  for a beer, there would have been plenty of buds going around.   No Im not cheap, I could drink any beer I want, but I love my Budweiser!!!! 

Where was Michelle, I would have had her out dancing with me, we would have a blast!!!!  We could have put on some good older Art Kelly and danced.  Michelle and Obama seem so down to earth, what a good time. I would have had Joe Biden there too, after all who could trust a Cambridge Cop ?

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You know one thing I can not get right from this Republican so called Conservative Christian party is what do they want?  

They do not want to pay for the poor or children either way, so what is it they want,  do they want to pay now or later?   They are so against abortions, which I am to, unless they are necessary, and I am not God, and that is not my choice to make , but I am not standing out in front of places like Planned Parenthood with signs, with nothing to back it up. 

Yet when these same children are born to parents that can’t afford them, its like , who cares, as long as they didn’t get an abortion, we don’t care, we proved our point, no actually you didn’t prove anything.  You don’t care about these kids or newborns ,  they feel the kids were born, then they forget you, were going to continue our abortion protest, where are these people later when these babies are doing without?    We don’t want to pay for these children, thats not our problem.  

What is it people?   You can’t have it both ways.  You want to criticize a Mother who may abort a child, which I believe is wrong, no way should abortion be a birth control method, but then you want no birth control, and then if all else fails, you do not want to pay for the child when the poor Mother can’t do so,  So What is it, give us your answer maybe we will listen.  You have none.  You have no clue,  Planned Parenthood and other Orgs. are trying to help.  You criticize organizations like Planned Parenthood, but do you know how many teens and unwed mothers go their for help because their Parents are to blind, or to stupid, or to busy to listen.  You need to get with it, take your cause all the way, because these babies you hope to save, need your help later.  Get with it.

If you think they are not ,your wrong, so when your bit^%$#  about paying healthcare to the needy, maybe you should get your Christian Abortion posters out.  Think about the kids after their born, get your lazy butts off the protest walk and help the kids that need you now. There are plenty, so take your walk to help all the children.

You want no birth control, no abortions, and no healthcare, and no help for the poor child born into this mess. So get your s&^% together and decide what you really want, because you make no freaking sense.

www.liberalrants.com courtesy of

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Is this guy kidding, this is a Christian?  These Christians will do anything for money, which leaves me to believe they are not real Christians.

read more www.liberalrants.com

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Judge Howard F. Riley of the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County is not given to muttering.No, Riley is a straightforward sort. Open and direct, straightforward and clear in vocal expression. He may not be as verbose as some on the bench or in the Bar, but what he does say comes across as clear and concise. A grumbler he is not.

Maybe it is his upbringing on a farm outside West Chester, but he had not truly mastered the art of the whispered verbal aside. When he wants to tell a defense attorney from Philadelphia to keep the editorial comments to himself during cross-examination, he pretty much says just that.So it came as a surprise to at least one longtime court observer the other day when Riley suddenly entered mutter mode. “I think we ought to bring a PBT to the courtroom at the rate we’re going,” Riley said, to no one in particular, and everyone who was in hearing distance, in a low, but distinct, frustrated comment.Three things should be known by the reader to grasp the significance of Riley’s mutter. First, Riley was not referring to Proton Beam Therapy (PBT), or a Pit Bull Terrier (PBT, also), of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT, ditto). No, he was muttering to the Gods of the courthouse that his courtroom equipment just might need to include a Portable Breath Tester (PBT, as well.)You know what a Portable Breath Tester is, don’t you? Well, you would know if you had been watching “Cops” lately, or else had the misfortune to come in contact with the “home version” of the “Cops” studio game, so to speak, on a late night ride home from the eight-month anniversary of the Phillies World Championship Celebration and Drunken Riot. It’s that small device that allows a quick read on whether someone has alcohol in their system.The second thing you need to know about Riley’s mutterance is that when he said it, a young man from Staten Island who was pleading guilty to a minor drug possession charge had just informed him that, yes, indeed, as a matter of fact, he had consumed some drugs, alcohol or medication within the last 24 hours. To wit, six or seven beers the night before.It’s a standard question that judges ask of defendants when they are pleading guilty — “Have you consumed any drugs, alcohol or medication within the past 24 hours?” It comes right after how far the defendant went in school and if they understand, read and write the English language. The question is sort of the judicial equivalent of, “So, do you live around here?” that might be asked by a member of one gender to a member of the opposite at any one of a number of local watering establishments. It’s an ice-breaker, something said to open up the dialogue. Usually, the defendant answers by saying “No,” just as how usually the aforesaid one gender member responds to the other by saying, “Stick a cork in it, pal.”On Thursday, however, the young man from Staten Island surprised everyone, including his attorney, Assistant Public Defender James McMullen, by allowing that yep, he’d consumed what Beldar Conehead on “Saturday Night Live” used to refer to as “mass quantities” of beer. And not only that, but he’d smoked marijuana not three nights before, too boot.The third and last thing you need to know to fully understand Riley’s muttering is that it is not the first time someone has shown up in his courtroom under the possible influence of alcohol in the past few months. It’s not the second time, either, or the third. Showing up under the possible influence of alcohol in Judge Riley’s courtroom is getting to be a somewhat regular occurrence.
BY MICHAEL P. RELLAHAN  courtesy The Daily Local News

Mike are you a friend of these Judges or what, please quit painting them to be these nice guys that are so intelligent….  I mean is this really news ? read more www.chestercountyrant.com


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The Chester County Rant has been getting plenty of complaints regarding Kids First Pediatric Doctors in the Coatesville and West Chester Office. First of all, they turn no one down, they just keep piling kids in day in and day out, but can not give the service or care that is needed that they say they can. They are overgrown and understaffed.

We tried calling their office one day in the Coatesville and West Chester Office’s and got a busy signal for over a half hour, now your going to tell me an office of this size still can not figure out how to answer calls, fill their staff, or get call waiting? They also try to push sick childrens visits off, why do they not just say they are to busy and can not take any more patients, why put the childrens health at risk, I mean if your that busy that your going to talk a scared parent out of a visit, then your to busy, and instead of being greedy, you need to take no new patients. That would be the correct thing to do in childrens health, but no, they are greedy and keep taking on new patients they can not handle and I feel the children will suffer.

read more at http://www.chestercountyrant.com/2009/07/kids-first-chester-county-pediatricians.html

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President Obama Stick With Your Plan

President Obama Stick With Your Plan

President Obama, vote on the health care plan now you want and have been working so hard on. Just Vote and show what you and the other Democrats that we voted for want to do. Even if there are issues, show that these issues are not yours. Call these Republican and Blue Dog Democrats and Conservative Democrats that are more worried about having their pockets lined than the people. At least the American People will know where you stand next time around. The Republicans who have done nothing for years and wouldn’t unless you brought this up are hoping for you to fail. No, No, No, show them for who they are. People came out in droves to vote for you, people of all color, age, and I still believe in you. The Republicans and these Blue Dogs want you to fail and continue to line their pockets. They claim to be Christian and for the people, they are hypocrites. I am sick of beating a dead horse here, but you need to forget the bipartisanship, stick together as the Dem’s that you have, and call these blue dog imposter’s out, and the Republicans, so the next voting time, they can not blame you. Stick with your plan, don’t fall like they want you to.

read more at www.liberalrants.com

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RMC 2009 Pic

RMC 2009 Pic


Well, I didn’t make it there this year again, every year I say Im going but something comes up, now its babysitting Grandchildren and the Humidity. Oh No, you know Im getting old!  I was thinking of everyone up there today as it was so hot and humid, at least there was a breeze if you can call it that.  I remember many times just standing at the outdoor little shower they have with cold water to cool off, we would party, have fun, than go cool off under the ice cold water.  Well maybe next year I will make it, I will try anyway.  Just want to say hi to Harry and Sue, wondering if they went this year, and again a prayer for Betty who passed away this past year, who without Betty doesn’t seem like RMC to me.  Me and my sister (who turned me on to this great party) would always look for Betty and Mike and Harry and Sue who would go up ahead of time and rope off their spot.  Oh Well, hope everyone is having a blast!!! Have a beer for me, drive safe!!

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Nottingham Chester County Man Arrested Internet Sting

Nottingham Chester County Man Arrested Internet Sting

It has been reported that Joshua S. Jeffrey, 24, of Nottingham Chester County was allegedly engaged in a graphic online chat with a 13 year old girl, but was really propositioning an undercover agent, who was pretending to be a teen. Attorney General Tom Corbett said in a news release.

Agents from the Child Predator Unit and West Nottingham Township police arrested Jeffrey on Wednesday. He was released on $10,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges that include unlawful contact with a minor and criminal use of a computer.

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A West Chester man has been charged with running a scheme in which he allegedly bilked a New Jersey staffing firm out of more than half a million dollars, charging it for supplying workers whom he never placed at a major pharmaceutical company.

Authorities said that Peter Edward Aleszczyk, 43, aka “Peter Alex,” who was arrested yesterday by the FBI, ran KP Pharmaceutical Consulting, a company that placed permanent and temporary workers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

According to an arrest affidavit, Aleszczyk’s company billed the unidentified staffing firm more than $560,000 from last Sept. 30 to Dec. 18, money that the staffing firm thought that Aleszczyk was using to find and pay for temporary workers for MedImmune, a Maryland pharma company.

Read the list of other White Collar Crime in Chester County, List is getting longer.

Read all the arrests at the link below


after viewing the list above click here to read full story


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We all know there are two sides to every story, until I see a tape or hear a recording I will not believe either side. The Cambridge Police or Gates.

We also know there are good and bad cops as there are good and bad in any profession or office.  We see it everyday. There are many Police Officers who are great, they do the job they were hired to do, the love the fact that they can make a difference and help and protect.

Then we have the other side, the Police officers that wear a badge as an abuse of power to push people around.  They are arrogant, cocky, and should not wear the Police Officer badge or any.

Until I see it on tape, or hear it on a recording, I will not believe either. Pictures and Sound do not lie, people do!

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The Senate just announced they’ll take a month-long vacation before voting on health care reform.1


Republicans think that by demanding delays, they can kill reform—and too many conservative Democrats are playing into their hands.

But Americans can’t afford to wait: while the Senate is on vacation, over 400,000 people will lose their health coverage.2

Every member of Congress needs to hear—quickly—that voters want them focused on health care now, not running off on vacation. Click below to sign our “Don’t go!” petition, which we’ll deliver to congressional offices today:

sign the petition today!!!


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You know I have to write this, because with Obama being President I thought there would be less predjudice, but there is more.  But let me tell you one thing, and its about love, only love.  I was not given a choice, we can not always have the choice of who are sons or daughters are going to date or go out with or have kids with, as much as we want ,we can not control this.   I didn’t have a choice, my daughter who is white and Italian had a baby with a black man, and it wasn’t my choice,  not because of his race but because of his past history,  I could talk to my daughter until I was blue in the face and after many arguments, she loved this man even though he was bad news,race had nothing to do with it, I didn’t  want her to have a baby at all, she was not ready.  I didn’t pick my daughters boyfriend, like we all wish we could. White or Black, I really hoped that my daughter would not have picked a loser white or black or any nationality,but aside from her choice, let me tell you, I love my Grandaughter, more than life itself.  She is so precious, and smart, and innocent, and just an angel, and I hate when I hear people decide a childs fate before its even born because of race.  I have heard my daughters friends and their families, as soon as they hear their daughters baby may be mixed go crazy and try to do everything in their power to stop the birth.

I know this for a fact, and the ones that stick by their daughters fall in love like I have and will never hear of it again, the shame of it is , it shouldn’t take this for this to happen.  A baby or child is so precious, no matter what race, or nationality or gender. They are all angels.   When I hear these hate racist remarks I want to cringe, or no, I do cringe, because Giana is the most precious angel you would ever meet. 

I used to hear from certain friends and people, if that was my daughter I would disown her, or I wouldn’t talk to her, or that child, well look what I would be missing.  Giana is so sweet, she teaches me things everyday, what an angel!!! A true angel……..God I love her!!!! 

  I hear people and some who swear they are Christian whether it be at work, or at the store or from other people who do not know I have a mixed grandaughter make really racist remarks in front of me,well let me tell you, they have no idea what they are missing.  My Baby is so sweet, I love her so much I could cry, she is so beautiful and smart, and I am sad for what she has to face in this cold world…. I hope I can protect her as long as I am alive, as a white person, yeah, I am ashamed of many of the white people as they stand….I love you Giana, your so precious, your my Angel…..You could teach alot to the world, just with your smile and big eyes, and that you love everyone and you do not even know color.  I love You!!

submitted by Tina 2 Thorndale

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American Muscle Homes For Our Troops Great Chester County Cause for Disabled Veterans Check Out



Media Contact:

Jeff Dusing




Local Car Show Brings National Attention to greater-West Chester

AmericanMuscle.com Car Show draws more than 1,000 spectators, and $9,000+ for charity


MALVERN, PA (07/23/09)—Emerging from virtual obscurity, AmericanMuscle.com, and parent company, Xoxide, Inc., is rapidly transitioning from a small West Philly business to a nationwide force in targeted e-commerce. Marking this turn was the Small business Administration’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year, an award that was recently bestowed upon its three founders by President Obama.


After eight years of record growth, the company’s largest brand, AmericanMuscle.com, opened its doors and rolled out the red carpet on Sunday July 19 at its 65,000 square foot facility in Malvern, PA. The first-ever AmericanMuscle all-Mustang car show was a day of highlights fueled by 150 shining Mustangs and more than 1,000 smiling visitors. The day’s agenda included free food, a live DJ, lots of free product, trophies for Best in Show, and one large push for the charity Homes for Our Troops.


Homes for Our Troops is a national organization that builds, buys or renovates homes for disabled veterans. Promising to donate 100 percent of all proceeds from the show, the company that started in a basement in Newtown Square presented a check for $8,015 to this worthy cause. And with a donation of $850 from the Garden State Region Mustang Club, and $500 from an anonymous AmericanMuscle supplier, the boys that worked every day after school are now at the head of a company directly responsible for donations totaling $9,365—that’s progress.


The company’s rapid growth in this challenging market raises questions about AmericanMuscle.com’s performance in a flourishing economy. With new hires and new plans for expansion developing daily, this neighbor of West Chester will likely soon be a significant employer and benefactor for local communities.


For more information, plus lots of photos and video on the AmericanMuscle Car Show please visit: http://blog.americanmuscle.com/


Founded in 2003, AmericanMuscle.com has raced to the top of the market as a leading online Mustang parts retailer with more than 500,000 customers to date. A true innovator in e-commerce, AmericanMuscle.com employs more than 80 staff at its 65,000 square foot facility in Malvern, PA, approximately 20 miles west of Philadelphia. http://www.americanmuscle.com

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Whats with the Parkesburg Police, they now and have always only stopped and faithfully watched the speeders on East First Avenue in front of the current Mayors John Hagans house and former council member Jim Norton, they both live on the same street.  Its funny, this little small town tree lined, paved street always looks so nice, has so much attention given to it, and the Police always watching and catching speeders there.  Ahhh, E. First Avenue in Parkesburg must be the place to live.  Is it because the Mayor demands special treatment, or are the Parkesburg Police sucking up because the Mayor lives their??  One thing for sure, go right down E. First Ave. not even a Second and your at Rt. 10 or N. Church Street, there you will see littered streets, unpaved streets, people going 60 mph in a 35 mph, but no one seems to care.  Your lucky if you can cross that street, but Parkesburg Police do not seem to mind, as long as the Mayors street is covered.  I mean other people in Parkesburg do pay taxes, and really high taxes for that borough, the Police should be treating them all equally.  Maybe the kids on Rt. 10 or N. Church do not matter, after all, they are not the Mayors kids….I mean the people on Church and other streets love their kids too, in fact the Mayor is Old, his kids are grown, you owe it to all the people in Parkesburg to protect their streets, they pay you for that in their outrageous taxes….

Tina chester county

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Happy 3rd BirthDay We Love You

Happy 3rd BirthDay We Love You

Happy Birthday to our little man.  We Love You.  Love Mommy, Daddy, Grandmoms and GrandPops Sylvesters, and Farleys, and don’t forget Giana and Chanel and All your Aunts and Uncles….. Love you, your so precious!!!!

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I loved Coldplay from the beginning with Yellow, but this is their best, not just the song, I love the way he dances in this video, amazing…… Chester County Rave

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Isn’t it sad in this time of day that we still come across such corrupt District Attorneys, Lawyers, Lower Court Judges as with the Chester County Court of Common Pleas Judge Riley and the pathetic Attorneys that steal clients money only to make a deal and have their case figured out without doing a dimes worth of work?  It just amazes me how this is allowed to go on, and I hope to stop, and hopefully with a new President, the corrupt Judges and District Attorneys will not be allowed to get away with it.

The Attorneys who rob the innocent who are under stress, promising them something when they know they already have it figured out  between the Judge and DA because they are all friends.  Yeah, if I can help it, I am going to put a stop to it, and you know what I love, everytime someone does a search for a West Chester Attorney or Chester County Attorney or by their names Donatoni and Duffy they will see this also,  so in the long run, I will hurt these corrupt Attorney’s pockets, even if its by 1% that will make me very happy and save another from having their money taken for nothing, and getting railroaded.

I am going to blog, and blog again, and link to other blogs, because this is not going unoticed!!!!!  They robbed my Mother while putting my nephew away for life, and it was a plan, if you wanted to put my nephew away for life, then how dare you take my Mothers life savings, the money from the insurance from the death or her husband who was killed in a hit and run to benefit, just sentence him but don’t rob the innocent who are under stress, and not even prepare a defense while doing it, let them get public defenders, my nephew qualified for a Public Defender, but my Mother put her life savings on the line because the corrupt Attorneys John Duffy and Robert Donatoni promised her the world, they told her that her nephew needed them, and that no public defender would do, well a public defender would have done more. Don’t promise the world, take their money then railroad them, your all corrupt which can be proven, not slander, and railroading Brandon was one thing, but robbing my Mother was another.

We will blog everyday until this is fixed.  No more corruption in the Chester County Court System. Oh I love the internet and the power behind it. If I hit your pockets by any amount, I love it, and I will until my nephew gets a fair trial and my Mothers money returned.  Talk about white collar crime, Oh, and don’t go to the State Bar, they are worthless, they are all friends, I do not even know why they exist?  They always have an excuse, get rid of the State Bar in Pa. We will blog about them next, we are going to blog and blog and blog until something is done!!!  We have only just begun, no more hiding behind little selective papers like the Daily Local who only print the good stuff and make the Chester County Courthouse look good, we are bringing it out!!!

check back much more to come!

also read www.chestercountypost.com and      www.chestercountyrant.com not rants  but www.chestercountyrant.com

Christina Chester County

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The pleas were also personal, telling of individual hardships to come if paychecks stop.

Employees International Union Local 668 who work at the nearby Cumberland County Assistance Office stood at the corner of York Road and Westminster Drive to call for on-time paychecks. DAN GLEITER, The Patriot-News Dept. of Revenue employee Yvette Wright of Harrisburg wears a State Volunteer headband at the rally. “We came out today to show our distaste against our legislators who can’t pass the budget,” said Scott Shirk, of Boiling Springs, chief shopster of the Cumberland County CAO. “Later on today I’m supposed to take my daughter for an orthodontist appointment,” he said. “I’m supposed to write a check for $800. How do you tell a 13 year-old you can’t do that?”

I have a 5 year-old and a 5-month old and they have to eat,” said Serena Owens, 25, of Carlisle. “I have to get food and formula for them from the food bank because I’m not getting any money. And I would like somebody to tell me how I’m supposed to feed them or how I’m supposed to put gas in my car, because I have to come to work and it doesn’t run off water.”

I guess you know how it feels now, like the others in the same position that come to you for help.

How do we all tell our kids we can’t do that??

Maybe the County Assistance workers are getting a dose of their own medicine, I don’t think they like the taste!

I do not want to see anyone lose their jobs, but I can tell you I have seen first hand how many who have lost health care or jobs are treated when to go to these same offices for help.  There are always an exception, I am talking about the majority and what I have seen first hand.

I tried to help a friend who was diabetic, lost his job and had no insulin. Maybe they couldn’t have helped him right away, but it was the way they didn’t help and treated him.  They were sarcastic, they made him wait forever, they gave him no info (I ended up buying him $103 dollars so he didn’t go into shock.)  When he went in, he stood at the front desk with a line of about 10 poeple and it took forever for him to get waited on as they work as slow as possible.  When they finally took us back, they treated him like some kind of low life because he lost his job, they told him that they had a right to wait 30 days for a decision and he would be hearing from them.  They gave him no other info, I called Harrisburg for him and there was nothing they could do before the 30 day period.  They were just horrible.

My daughter lost her job and applied for medical for her daughter as she lost her benefits.  The run around they gave her was uncalled for.  Sending her notices that her daughters benefits would be cut off because she didn’t submit something, when she had submitted it weeks before, lost paper work, mailing her a notice in Jan. for something that should have been mailed in June.  They are just awful!  They never answer the phone, ever, or return a call.  The receptionist there just takes up a chair for her pay, she has one speed and its slow, I mean slow!!!

There is no excuse for the above, none at all.  There are many people hurting now and  were before, when you go to these places for help you should not have to deal with a nasty or lazy attitude.  They are getting paid to do their job, half of them should be fired anyway, all the ones with these attitudes do not deserve a paycheck.  Gov. Rendell should do a complete overhaul of these State Workers, they do not deserve a pay.  In all honesty, I think the ones that go into to work and do their job right, and are thankful that they have it should work and recieve their pay, on the other hand, the ones that are just taking a chair and are miserable and lazy, they need fired asap, that would help the budget ! 

I guess they are seeing now how others feel when they come to them for help and they don’t like it.  Oh Well, it tough times now for many, don’t like the medicine do you???

Read more http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2009/07/pennsylvania_state_workers_hol.html

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My mother called comcast last week about her phone not working, well while on the phone with customer service they kept trying to get my Mother to buy something else, add a box, package etc.  I heard my Mom the entire time telling the lady she was not interested and was on a fixed income and that’s why she got rid of the package and box to begin with.  So after saying No thanks over and over and hanging up, what do you think happens next?

She gets a huge box delivered by UPS two days later.  What, she never asked for this.  In fact she said no, what part of no didn’t this pushy saleswoman understand?

My sister than calls the office to tell them to send someone back right away to pick this box up as my Mother did not order, did not want, and was not going to be responsible for driving to Downingtown.  They then proceed to tell her, oh it looks like you have a bill and an old box, so we wouldn’t have hooked it up anyway.  Here they were billing my Mother $48.00 extra per month for digital cable, box, taxes, surcharge, etc. They proceeded to say this bill was owed when my sister said, I know you can see that we have not had a box activated for several months, the comcast service person says “oh yeah I can see that now.”  I am not trying to be mean here, but what kind of people are running that office.  They are working on now, I am waiting to see how they fix this one.

Do we need to babysit everybody. Is it our job to hold receipts for 1 year because people can not do their jobs, is it our job to drop off a box at cable assume you are done with cable then call them 7 months later and say “Did you take that off my bill?”  Let alone how time consuming the calls are, going through the automated system, being put on hold, you actually have to plan a good half hour for your call, that’s if your lucky!

I don’t think so, and with many people needing jobs today, they need to replace the unprofessional, unknowing workers that can’t do their job.

submitted by Anonymous Parkesburg

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My daughter got up this morning to go to class, and went to her car, as she went to open the door she saw things strewn all about, papers from her glove box etc.  Then she sees her entire dash ripped apart and her stereo gone.  She was in tears.

She was in tears because she is a single Mother of one, working and going to school, she saved for a year to buy the stereo from her tips, the damage that was done, the messed up wiring.  This thief has just cost her over $1000 in damage.

I despise lazy people who can not work and buy their own stuff, so they mooch off of working people and take what they want.  They make me sick.  They roam the streets at night when people are asleep, they prey on innocent people because they are to lazy and ignorant to make their own way, they are a drain on society, people like this will always be a drain on society one way or another, and they need to be stopped. 

My daughter called the police and she was apparently the 6th person in the area that called in that morning with break ins.  I do not understand why police do not do fingerprinting anymore, her entire glove box was ripped out.  It seems like you could lift fingerprints, is it easier to let a criminal go than to do a fingerprint check?  What if the next time its someones home with their children their, they in my book should always do fingerprints, oh well, what do I know?

Keep in mind we are watching for you now, we are going to set the bait, stay up all night, and just when you think your homefree, smile your on film !!!  When you least expect it, expect it!!!! 

submitted by Christina Downingtown

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A Phoenixville man who was apparently upset over disputes with some of the neighborhood children playing and riding bikes in front of his home. He then decided to apparently chase them away by blaring the soundtrack of a pornographic movie into their area of play.
A preliminary hearing for Michael W. Buck, 27, resulted in an agreement that means the most serious charge against him – corruption of minors – will be dropped if he meets a series of conditions within 90 days.
He must take an anger-management course, receive a mental-health evaluation, perform 20 hours of community service, avoid any criminal contact with neighborhood children, pay a $300 fine, and write a letter of apology to the affected families. read more http://www.philly.com/
I just want to add when reading many articles on this event, the parents just want their children to be safe, which I agree, but Parents also have a right to control their children. This definitely should have been handled another way, but kids can taunt and tease, also one was as young as 2 1/2 which I feel should not have been outside with any of the other children, but with a parent only! Another child was as old as 14. Let me tell you, I have seen many 14 year old troublemakers in my life. There are now children who are tried as adults many times for crimes.

I believe this should have been handled a different way, but I also feel the Parents should be keeping a better watch on their children. Again everyone loves their children and most think they are angels, but kids can taunt and bother someone who may not have kids, I feel the parents knowing there were disputes should have kept their children away from this mans home, I’m sure the neighborhood is big enough to play other places. Again it should have been handled differently, but I see fault on both sides. If they were my children for one the 2 1/2 year old would not be outside or anywhere without me, second, I always keep my children away from peoples homes without children or elderly people because of respect and they prefer things more quiet. 

rant submitted Chris Chester County

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On June 29, 65 Black and Hispanic children from the city camp Creative Steps Inc. made their first visit to the Montgomery County club and heard some members make racial remarks and escort their own children away from the pool, Creative Steps executive director Aletha Wright said.

Last Friday, the Valley Club refunded a $1,950 check to the camp in Oxford Circle to terminate the agreement allowing children from kindergarten through seventh grade to swim at the club.

Apparently as the black children entered the pool the caucasian children were quickly escorted out.

I want to know who this horrible Mother is that made the remark about these innocent children.  It is people like her and the other members of this club who harbor hatred and racism.  I do not know why people like this do not buy a little island somewhere and take all their racist friends and others with them.  This Mother has no clue and is teaching her child to grow up racist like her.  Children do not know the color of skin, they love and play with all children, they are taught it by bigot Mothers like her.  I hope the Human Relations sues the pants off of them, they they can sit in their lilly white pool, with their lilly white members and think they are better than everyone.  Obviously money doesn’t buy class, just memberships into bigot racist pools.

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As we speak, key committees in Congress are weighing options and making final decisions about how to tackle health care reform. This could be one of the last opportunities to shape the legislation before it’s written.

The behind-the-scenes committee negotiations aren’t front-page news, but the lobbyists trying to block reform are following every detail, and they won’t miss a day. If the final plan is to uphold President Obama’s principles of reduced costs, guaranteed choice — including a robust public insurance option — and quality care for all, your voice must be heard.

Please call your representatives right now and ask them to support President Obama’s three principles for real health care reform. Our records show that you live in Pennsylvania’s 6th congressional district. Please call:

    Rep. Jim Gerlach at 202-225-4315Senior Senator Arlen Specter at 202-224-4254

    Junior Senator Bob Casey at 202-224-6324

Make sure to click here to let us know what happened.

(Not your representatives? Click here to look them up.)

These calls are an easy but powerful way to make a difference. Just tell whoever answers the phone that you’re a constituent (mention what city you’re calling from), and that you’re counting on your representative to support real health care reform, which must:

  • Reduce costs
  • Guarantee a choice of plans and doctors — including the choice of a robust public insurance option
  • Ensure quality, affordable care for every American

The opponents of real reform have deep pockets and insider access, and they’re holding nothing back in their drive to derail progress before the plans go public.

Your call, right now, can help remind your representatives that the American people are counting on them to stand up to the special interests and deliver the comprehensive reform we so desperately need.

Thanks for all that you do,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

P.S. — These calls are a vital first step. Stay tuned for other critical ways to organize locally and make a difference in this campaign. We can only win this thing if we all work together every step of the way.

American People should also demand the Congress and Senate pay for their own heath care, or at least the ones who are so against health care for the working poor, self employed, and middle class.  It’s time the greed of the Republican Senate and Congress stops. They should pay their own health care. Think what savings that would be, they should be stripped of all benefits like many American people have been who lost jobs, benefits, heath care more, maybe they will quit thinking of their rich lobbyist buddies who keep their pockets filled.

read more www.liberalrants.com

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I am sitting here watching the Michael Jacksons Memorial with tears.  It’s a beautiful send off, emotional, beautiful music, stories.  The one thing I notice and always did that no one mentions is Michaels beautiful smile and pretty eyes.  He could dance and sing like no one ever did in my lifetime.  He is just so smooth, and he knew how to put on a show, but when you see some of the real clips of him and he breaks that big smile, that’s when you see the real person.  There will be no other like Michael Jackson, and I am glad he is at peace and not suffering now.  I pray for you Michael….

The memorial service was so touching, you felt like you were there.  Another thing, I saw a Family, a close knit family, not pictures of them in a magazine, you got to see the real Jackson Family and how they suffer and hurt like everyone else, and how close knit they really are.  You got to see them outside of the medias eyes.  I also after seeing the service feel the children are where they should be, plenty of love, and family.

A truly touching real service….

My prayers go out to you Michael and your entire family.

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Sharkey, 25, of Downingtown, was arrested by police following an January 4 incident investigated by Ofc. David Hammond. Sharkey was charged with a felony count of Criminal Trespassing and released on unsecured bail following a Feburary 1 arraignment.

On March 20, Sharkey was failed to appear for a preliminary hearing and saw his bail revoked following an arraignment later that day. He was then committed to CCP in lieu of $2,500 cash bail.

The following week, Sharkey was allowed to enter into a 90 day summary agreement, with his case continued to this past Friday. Typically, any criminal conduct while a defendant is under a summary agreement constitutes non-compliance, meaning an automatic waiver to Common Pleas Court.

See where this is going?

On April 5, Ofc. Daniel Carbo of the East Pikeland Police arrested Sharkey, charging him with PWID, DUI, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphanalia, and Possession of Marijuana. He was relased on $7,500 unsecured bail after his arraignment that day in front of Phoenixville District Judge Ted Michaels.

On June 11, Sharkey waived his preliminary hearing, during which the PWID charges were withdrawn. His case is pending in front of Common Pleas Judge Anthony Sarcione (CP-15-CR-0002449-2009).

So, with a DUI case waived to Common Pleas Court AND and an active summary agreement pending in another district court, that should mean that Sharkey would be found in non-compliance with his agreement and the Trespassing case from West Chester would also get sent Uptown.

Um, no.
Sharkey must know someone or his family has money, this is typical of  the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, it’s who you know.  Sharkey must be a relative of the Chester County Court somewhere, somehow…….. or he has lots of money.  This is some Bull^%$#

Read More Full Story Here, click on to read http://www.wcunplugged.com/2009/06/is-this-any-surprise.html

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I will not give any names here, maybe in the future , but not now.  Recently I talked to a couple of people while out and about and heard them bragging about how a couple of Cops in the Downingtown and  Caln Township Police Dept. let them go for Drinking and Driving.  I am sorry, but if this law is supposed to work, it needs to work for everyone, not just the few who are penalized for it.  One guy bragged that he ran a red light and the officer let him go because he knew someone in his family, another because they knew his wife.  This is Totally Wrong, and Needs To Stop.  You as a Police Officer can not throw the book at one person for DUI, while letting others go because of who they know, or who you know…. What if that person you let go kills someone?  And what if that person they may kill would be a child, or someone in the end you know.  UHH UHH, there are no breaks or excuses here, if someone is drinking and driving, you arrest them, it doesn’t matter who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and if they are Police Officers, Judges, DAs, Attorneys, they should get no break either, they should not get away with it, if they are drinking and driving and over the limit, it doesn’t matter who they are, they need to be arrested.

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I really hate to complain about anything that’s free, but the fireworks in Downingtown Kerr Park were horrible.  I mean I really could not believe it.  I mean for one, they were so low, they didn’t go above the lowest tree.  I mean we were right in front of them and you couldn’t see them above a 15 ft tree.  I have never in my life seen fireworks so low,  fireworks that you had to be right in front of to see.  Maybe the launcher or whatever they use for the fireworks didn’t work, but they were horrible.  We were right up the block and couldn’t see all of them, they were soooooo low, get the picture, lowwwwwwwwww.  Then there was no grand finale either.  There were people leaving before they were over, they were walking away in droves,  again don’t want to complain about something that’s free, but if you can’t do it right, don’t do it.  Don’t announce it and have people come from all over to see, what a disappointment

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Trial counsel Robert Donatoni was ineffective for failing to call character witnesses. He failed to prepare any defense whatsoever and Brandon Simmers was denied his due process rights. There were individuals who were prepared to testify to the defendant Brandon Simmers character, and again let the jury decide what they believe to be the truth, but Trial Counsel Robert Donatoni called no one.

Trial counsel Robert Donatoni was completely ineffective for failing to impeach Commonwealth witnesses. Commonwealth witness Danny Jones was given immunity in exchange for his testimony. He has an extensive list of priors, and was in fact arrested for assault shortly after making a deal with the prosecutor, and defense counsel Robert Donatoni failed to impeach this witnesses denying defendant Brandon simmers his due process rights, and completely undermining the truth determining process so that no reliable adjudication of guilt or innocence could have taken place

There were many people that wanted to be character witness’s for Brandon and Robert Donatoni called no one, Robert Donatoni and Patrick Carmody also kept almost the entire Family out saying they might be called as witness’s, but they never were, they did this so Brandon would look to the jury that he had no family that cared about him, or friends, and many great character witness’s that wanted to be put on the stand.  Donatoni and Carmody wanted him to look like no one was there for him, this way he really looked bad to the jury.  I know what they were doing. 

click link to read more great blog true story of how one Man was screwed by the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, and worse yet, his own Attorneys.  This blog is great, true and updated daily, please check it out. It is about the Daniel Hesse murder trial which was a high profile case in West Chester.  The attorney was Robert Donatoni, The District Attorney was Patrick Carmody, the Judge was Judge Howard Riley.  See how one man was railroaded and screwed from the lower court all the way to the Supreme Court. Much more to come.

click to read and follow this true story and much more coming. See pics, documents, etc.


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252-11web-SANFORD-GOVERNORS_embedded_prod_affiliate_91REPUBLICAN MARK SANFORD

Republican Mark Sanford just kills me while talking about his recent affair with another woman.  It’s not so much the affair, we know he is a hypocrite here, like many of the hard right Republicans, they  preach Christianity Family Values and Conservatism and than they do the complete opposite.  Okay, so that’s one problem, but in reading all the articles on him and his recent TV and Video appearances, he has me so angry, like the other Republicans on TV every other day criticizing public health care and anything that will help the middle class and working poor.  He has no clue.  The reason I am writing this follows below.

First off all, he rejected the stimulus money that would help so many middle class and poor in his State, but has the nerve, the audacity to jump on a plane and see his Mistress in Argentina. That’s bad enough, how many working people can afford to jet all over the world. 

Then while speaking in another interview, he was at his beach vacation home,  okay, this is too much, there are people that can not afford their first home mortgage, and your lucky enough to have a beach home also, well if that isn’t just pathetic. 

Now he and has family are going on vacation.  How many people can do that right now???  Many families are staying put.

This is why I hate, sorry to use such a strong word, but I have no other word, the Republicans like him, that live well, have beautiful homes, health care paid for by us the taxpayers, vacation homes, beautiful cars, jet off to see their girl or boyfriends, than tell the middle class how they should live.  They have no clue, and they need to get one.  They are a pathetic bunch.

P.S. by the way, he should be made to resign, not for the affair, most places if you do not show up at your job for 3 days in a row, your a no call no show.  He should be fired!!!!

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