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WICHITA, Kansas – Dr. George Tiller, who remained one of the nation’s few providers of late-term abortions through decades of protests and attacks, was shot and killed Sunday in a church where he was serving as an usher and his wife was in the choir.

The suspect, identified by one law enforcement agency as Scott Roeder, was taken into custody some 170 miles away in a Kansas City suburb about three hours after the shooting.

Again where do these sickos get their ammunition, and how sick are they to act on it.  Its seems to me like the Right Wings are really far out now, and in fact scary, they seem to spawn hate, racism, and evil doing.   I mean if your really this great Christian person and practice what you preach, you shouldn’t have evil and hatred in you.  If we could just all go out and shoot and kill for things we do not believe in or agree with, the list of killing would be long for alot of people.  Please whatever you do, do not promote your belief in life or christianity than go take a life, how pathetic.  Aren’t you learning anything from your belief???  I may not like  or agree with someone, but I could never kill that person.  You have to be a sick breed, and these right wingers and christians are scaring me!!!!  Practice what you Preach….

Lets face it people, no matter what side your on, you can’t preach for life than justify taking one.  It doesn’t work like that. 

People, Hypocrites, like Bill O Reilly and others goat these people on to.  They do it to spawn some sicko to do their dirty work, then they go on and make money while the hate crimes and racism goes on.  Watch for this post coming soon.

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I was just wondering what the qualifications or requirements were for State Workers in Chester County Pa. and in fact probaly all over were??

I am thinking this is the list as it seems most fitting.

1. Miserable

2.  Lazy

3.  Uncaring

4.  Not to help or answer questions, without first having a tooth pulled.

5.  To make sure you do not smile, except only with co workers your gossiping with.

I mean I am not trying to be rude or funny here, but serious.  I have never seen so many of these personalities working in these offices, these employees should just quit or be fired.

Are they just filling the position to get benefits and wait out for retirement, pensions, or what is it?

I recently was a witness at a court proceeding in Parkesburg, the District Court Judge was very nice Judge Gill, but the employees walk around like they think there God, talking and joking  with the police officers and Attorneys , but act like they can’t even answer a question you might have about the time or other issues. Seriously, I just wanted the time, I stood at the window for 5 minutes while the rude court clerks looked at each other wondering which one might get off their butt and help, I mean, they should have to be professional and courteous, not everyone in a court setting is there for criminal reasons,  and they need to quit acting holier than though!!!  Get over it!!!  Your clerks for gods sake. Give your job to someone else, and if the District Court Judge likes you and allows this as I heard one talking, they should be questioned also.  We vote them in!!

The Tax Assessment Office, it’s like pulling teeth to get an answer, I mean they don’t want to tell you anything, and if they can, and they act like it kills them to get up off their chair and help or answer a phone.  Its like a guessing game, you go in, ask for help or maybe want to ask a question, Forget it.  They tell you I can’t help you with that, Or you have to file this or fill out this form, but I can’t help you with that either.  Its so secretive, I mean come on, we pay taxes, at least get someone in there that has some spunk, can help, at least talk to you likes it’s not draining the life blood from them.  We will get into the Tax Appeal in a later post, talk about going in blind, you have no idea what your doing, and they do not help either.  I have heard this over and over from people all over Chester County. 

The Welfare Office, I recently called regarding liheap program for my 70 year old mother.  They never answer the phone and when the do, they are not answering you.  They tell you to leave a voice message, lot of good that does, they will never call you back.  You can give them copies of documents or heating bills, only to have them mail you something a month later asking for it. Oh, and they act like it kills them to answer a question or the phone for that matter.

The Chester County CourtHouse Offices,  I mean talk about no help.  The big thing here is they play on the fact they can’t offer advice, its always contact an Attorney.  Why???? I have simple question, why do I need an attorney, and what is your job title.  From the Prothonotary, to the Recorder of Deeds and all other offices,  when I get a friendly helpful person, I am in shock, and can’t thank them enough.  It shouldn’t be like this.  Talk about feeding the Chester County Attorneys, visit the Court House with some questions about your own rights or what should be public knowledge???

Im sorry but these are just a few examples, but it’s true and sad.  If the State is paying these employees, they need to demand more of them.  In this tough economy we do not need rude, lazy people just filling in their time cards to get a paycheck and or benefits.  Give these jobs to people that are willing to do them with at least maybe a smile.  If your one of the above, quit or be fired, let someone else who needs a job with benefits do yours, and if you find these people when your out and about, complain, go all the way to the White House if you need, we are paying all the above salaries!!!!!

Remember we mean the majority, as I said earlier in the post, one every once in awhile will shock you and smile or help.  They are probaly new at their job.

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Many around this town say they couldn’t care less, even as they take visiting relatives for a swing by the house on Heffner Road, or report sightings in the Wyomissing Target. (“Kate wasn’t very nice to my friend’s daughter. Told her don’t make a scene,” reports one Little League mom.) Or lay claim to inside information pre-tabloid. “The scuttlebutt around here was going on long before it hit the papers,” assured another mom. Some locals did not want to be named publicly, sensitive to the contradiction of making yourself public as you weigh in on the consequences of the Gosselins’ going public with their family. Straight from one website.

This isn’t reality, that’s why I hate reality shows.  I don’t care what kind of show it is, everyone still knows they are on camera and acts that way.  It will never be reality with a camera there, I do not care what show producers and others say.  If that was the case the people in these shows wouldn’t change their appearances, hairstyles, and everything else.  The only way to get a true reality show is to have the people being filmed, not know their being filmed. 

Plus the Gosselins are making millions from this reality stunt.

$25,000 to $75,000 fee per episode, plus DVD and book sales, plus speaking engagements. They’ve received everything from a tummy tuck (her) to hair plugs (him), and a variety of gratis trips and goodies.

Lets face it, its not real, they are getting paid to do what families do everyday for free, and it’s not real, it couldn’t be further from the truth, they know the cameras are running every second and they are going to act on that.

I have never watched this show, but am hearing and reading about it daily is getting quite boring. 


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Chester County Rants is not promoting gambling in anyway.  Lets face it, Gambling is a big thing and seems to be growing everyday.  In fact Pa. surprised me they took so long to catch up as they pushed instant lottery tickets daily, that’s gambling, same thing. Now a portion of that money is helping taxpayers and Seniors in Pa. which is a great and much needed measure.

Gambling sites are everywhere now, its obvious someone likes them besides me.  I love going to Harrahs and Philadelphia Park, it can be addicting, but its fun none the less.

Chester County Rants has added some new links to trusted sites that are fun and can be played from the comfort of your home.  These are not my sites, just links I have provided and done the research on, so if your up for fun, check out our links in the sidebar.  Fun video poker, blackjack and more.

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After rising for weeks, the jackpot in Pennsylvania’s Super 7 game was hit Friday night – by a single ticket purchased in Lancaster County.

Whoever bought that slip at Royer Pharmacy in Leola has a big decision:

$8.26 million in 30 yearly payments? Or $4 million cash?

The winner had seven of these 11 numbers: 2, 4, 9, 12, 17, 19, 24, 28, 41, 42 and 53.

That,s great, right up the road a little from Chester County, unbelievable.

That would be a decision I would love to have to make.  Well not really, at my age, and the economy, I would take the $4 million now!  Wouldn’t that be great, what I could do with that even after helping family and friends!   Well back to reality!!

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