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 Governor Mark Sanford left town, without telling anyone where he was going. Mark Sanford did not anyone of his where abouts including his wife, nor his children. Governor Sanford only told his wife, that he needed to be alone, so he could write.
In a press conference which I viewed on ABC, Governor Mark Sanford gave a statement, concerning his affair.
Governor Sanford stated, “I have been unfaithful to my wife. I developed a relationship with a um, what started as a dear, dear friend from Argentina. It began very innocently, as I suspect that many of these things do, just a casual e-mail, back and forth in advice on what lies there, and advice here. But here recently of this last year it developed into something much more than that. And as a consequence, I hurt her, I hurt you all, I hurt my wife, I hurt my boys, I hurt friends like Tom Davis, I hurt a lot of different folks. And all I can say is, I apologize.”

Sanford turned down the federal money despite new data showing that his state’s unemployment rate had risen to 10.4 percent, the second highest in the country.
“We don’t think it’s a good idea to spend money that you don’t have,” Sanford said in Columbia.
The stimulus package is worth up to $8 billion to South Carolina, including $2.5 billion in new tax cuts, $1 billion in extra Medicaid payments, $566 million for education, $558 million in unemployment benefits and $463 million for building or repairing highways and bridges.
Two things really really bother me here.

First of all, the same old GOP thing that is so common, he is supposed to be such a conservative and Christian and so holier than thou, yet again, like any Christian in the Republican Party does, they lie to everyone, cheat, and don’t say a word until their caught than play the pity party act, like it’s so bad when someone else does it, but when the Republicans do it, it’s a mistake, I have faith in God, blah, blah, blah, your a joke.
Second, he opposed the stimulus money for his State, was so against it, money that could help many in his State, but has the nerve, the audacity to take trips to Argentina at least three times it’s been reported on taxpayers money, and how convenient he drove the State Security car to the airport, using taxpayer money again and gas. Is this guy for real??

I don’t know who may buy it, but someone better do some looking into why the taxpayers in this economy are paying for him to travel to Argentina, and what reason a Governor in South Carolina has to travel there and for what type of business besides to see his lover?? This needs to be investigated.

Gee Governor Sanford, wonder how many people in your State with the highest unemployment rate would love to jump on a plane to Argentina three times a year and have the taxpayers pay for it. You are pathetic and you should resign, and I hope they investigate, they better, and make you pay it all back.

Yeah Glenn Beck this one has common sense all right, out spending taxpayers money to fly off and see his Girlfriend while cheating on his wife.  Okay Glenn You guys are so funny, lies and hypocrisy.

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We in this Country have a Right to Freedom of Speech, yet many times our views are kept out of the mainstream media for many reasons.  There have been many important information kept from the public because certain newspapers refuse to print both sides.  In many cases the Daily Local News will print what happens in Chester County Court, but will not allow the other side to express their views or concerns.  It’s like they work at the Court House.  Lo and Behold the Internet, I love it, the internet has put many local papers out of business with their selective reporting.  You can go online and blog, type, or complain about what you want and have it heard.  No one in this world in the position of power isalways innocent. I speak for some,  we know good and bad in many professions.  If a person had his rights denied because of Political Reasons, Who They Know, by A Judge, by A Company, they have the right to speak out, the right of Freedom of Speech.  Chester County Rants loves Freedom Of Speech.  We do not threaten here, we do not fight, we do not tolerate hate, but we do Love Freedom of Speech, and it’s been a long time coming for the newspapers who only print one side.  I have seen this change coming, and it’s a good change.  Many people have their rights violated everyday from the Courthouse, by other people, well now they can speak out. 

Like many people who comment on here, some have had their rights seriously violated by certain people in positions of power and in the past had to take it and shut up, now because of the internet, you can let people all over the world know.  No more hoping the little newspaper will give your story a chance to be heard.  Many times no one will listen because they are in the situation that they are in because Judges, Political Figures, do not care if they trample your rights, they do it because they can and get away with it.  Not any more, and since Obama has become President many more people in positions of power will not be able to abuse because of their position.  Gotta love the internet.

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